Wolf Girl & Black Prince

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English Portuguese Latin American Spanish

Wolf Girl & Black Prince

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Chapter 1: Caught in the Act

Marin and Tezuka only talk about their boyfriends. Desperate to fit in, Erika lies about having a boyfriend too. She didn't expect the handsome boy who complicated everything.

E2 | A Rash and Blind Act

Erika's new boyfriend is attractive on the outside but rotten inside. What will Erika do when she meets a much nicer boy? And is he what he really presents himself to be?

E3 | A Precipitous Drop

Erika yearns for Sata while they’re both on school break. As break ends, Erika tries to take care of a sick Sata. Has Sata fallen for Erika as well?

E4 | Daily Anguish

Sata continues to torment Erika by not giving her confession a clear response. Takeru decides to help Erika and begins a series of investigations into Sata's feelings.

E5 | An Impregnable Defense -Christmas Eve-

Everyone in school is talking about what they’re going to do during their Christmas holiday. Will Erika and Sata be celebrating together?

E6 | Preparing for Battle -Valentine Day-

Erika makes Sata many Valentine's treats, but will he even appreciate them? Erika realizes that she might have feelings for a much nicer, but much more timid school mate.

E7 | Mutual Love -White Day-

Sanda’s worried that Erika might be stringing Kusa along, just as Sata was stringing Erika along. Meanwhile, Sata is determined to get back what he thinks is rightfully his.

E8 | Self Contradiction -Spring Storm-

On the brink of a new school year, there’s a new hot guy in class called Yajima. After meeting Erika, Yajima is amazed that Sata is wasting his time on such an average girl.

E9 | Honeyed Words -Wake Up-

Yajima's so smooth, he might actually steal Sata right out from under Erika’s nose. While trying to teach Sata about being a gigolo, Yajima is the one who learns a lesson.

E10 | Wasted Effort -Happy Birthday-

Yajima and Sata are hanging out a little too much, and it’s cutting into Erika's time with Sata. Erika is getting excited with her birthday right around the corner...

E11 | A Critical Situation -Judgement-

School's out for the summer. Everyone wonders why Sata doesn’t go on vacation to be with his mom. They meet his sister, Reika, who might be even worse than Sata.

E12 | A Pressing Appeal -I Love You-

Erika meets Sata and Reika's mom. Sata goes back to his old ways...and it's revealed exactly why he acts the way he does.



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