Windy Tales

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-PG)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Windy Tales

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Wind Cat

Nao Ueshima, the president of the school's Digital Photography club, witnesses something you don't see everyday on the rooftop of a school - a wind-channeling cat?!

E2 | Festival of Winds

Arriving at a wind village, Nao, Miki, and Jun meet their teacher, who refuses to teach them the art of wind control. Even with an instructor, this won't be easy for sure!

E3 | Running Girl

The school's Digital Photography club is assigned the task to take pictures of Atsuko, the school's only marathon runner.

E4 | Acorn the Flying Squirrel

Jun rescues a squirrel and does the only logical thing a person learning how to control the wind would do... teach it how to fly!

E5 | School Infirmary Story

Stuck with a flu and recovering in the school's infirmary, Nao is visited by Mr. Makino who passes the time with some of his most entertaining stories.

E6 | Kick the Can

Nao and Miki become friends with a group of fifth-graders they meet and join them for a rousing game of "Kick the Can."

E7 | The Typhoon Came

Nao and Ryoko learn the news of a typhoon coming near them. With the wind cat nowhere to be found, the two students stay after school desperately searching for it!

E8 | Big Cleaning - Premonition of a Kiss

While cleaning the club room, Nao, Miki, and Jun find an old photo album left by a former member of the club. Deciding to return it, they search for the rightful owner.

E9 | Father's Motorcycle

Nao's father does something not too many parents would do for their kids: buy a motorcycle and take her out for a ride!

E10 | The Earth's Last Day

Nao and Ryoko both have a strange dream they think could be a message from the wind itself. Together with Miki, the three try to decipher what exactly it could mean.

E11 | Audition - The Factual Record

The girls in school all submit applications to audition for a television show. Nao crosses her fingers and is surprised to see a letter for her! Could this be her big break?

E12 | Cherry Blossom Time

Spring time is that lovely time of year when things are in full bloom. Much to the delight of Nao and all of her friends, the Cherry Blossom trees do just that.

E13 | Yukio, Once Again

With the sudden arrival of strong winds, Nao and her friends take it as a sign that Yukio is arriving.



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