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We Rent Tsukumogami

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English Portuguese Latin American Spanish

We Rent Tsukumogami

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Rikyu-Nezumi

A samurai has lost a treasured heirloom! Since it might be a tsukumogami, he appeals to Oko and Seiji for help — but there is far more to the situation than meets the eye…

E2 | Kuchinashi

A renowned antique merchant’s paintings are changing every night, and he has no idea why. Could a tsukumogami be to blame? Oko and Seiji are on the case!

E3 | Nadeshiko

Sanae should be thrilled about her upcoming wedding, but a rift between Sanae and her mother casts a pall over the festivities. Perhaps Oko and Seiji can comb things over…

E4 | Kogare-kou

Do his refined manners disguise a notorious playboy streak, or is Kounosuke just misunderstood? An undercover tsukumogami will uncover the truth!

E5 | Fukagawa-nezumi

A chivalrous bandit has been granting any wish whispered at a local shrine… including a wish to steal Ohime, the princess doll, from Oko and Seiji’s shop.

E6 | Heki-ruri

An unexpected tumble into the river results in Kounosuke losing Kogare-kou, his seal case! Luckily a “good” Samaritan saves the day — for a price.

E7 | Uraha-yanagi

The great fire of Nihonbashi haunts the memories of humans, houses and tsukumogami alike. In some, the fire sparked grief; in others, it sparked emotions darker still…

E8 | Edo-murasaki

Kounosuke approaches Seiji with an odd request: investigate his new friend Hansuke, who may harbor ulterior motives. Odder still, what connection does Hansuke have to Goi?

E9 | Hisoku

Someone else is on the hunt for Suou, and Seiji has a hunch regarding their identity. Luckily his new friend Gonpei is eager (perhaps even too eager) to help.

E10 | Binrouji-zome

Izumo-ya’s debts are due, forcing Seiji and Oko to consider the unthinkable — and when a samurai makes them a lucrative offer, temptation might prove impossible to resist!

E11 | Nise-murasaki

Katsusaburo asks Seiji for help determining Sanae’s true feelings. Hopefully a tea ceremony with Hansuke will provide clarity to more than one struggling couple.

E12 | Suou

Sataro made Oko a promise, and Seiji intends to make him keep it — even at the expense of his heart. But Oko has plans of her own, and she refuses to remain silent any longer!



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