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Valerian & Laureline

Season 1

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Valerian & Laureline

Season 1 | 40 Episodes

E1 | Time Matters

Valerian is a young cadet of the Time Agents but upon rescuing and returning with a beautiful girl from the Middle Ages, he finds that Earth is gone.

E2 | Wrong Time Wrong Place

Valerian and Laureline help a prince on the run from a tyrant on his home planet. What dangers do they cross while helping him?

E3 | Modern Times

The duo embarks to the planet Peter, where it is known as a “Promised Land.” They meet a strange creature but is he friend or foe?

E4 | Till Time Do Us Part

A treasure could spell Valerian and Laureline’s doom, as their wealthy client betrays them and attempts to make Valerian her daughter’s groom!

E5 | Time Is Up

Poor and down on their luck, the duo get a job to track down a strange artifact. The only problem is, after the job they start to experience odd nightmares.

E6 | Doing Time

While looking for old spaceship parts, Valerian is taken captive by a Dr. Zessel. He builds an android Valerian to fool Laureline.

E7 | The Ravages of Time

Valerian and Laureline find an abandoned spaceship that has been missing for quite some time. What they find, might shock them.

E8 | Time Share

Valerian saves an alien prince from pirates but in doing so he bumps his head after they land. When he comes to the female version of the prince has taken a liking to him.

E9 | Any Time

When transporting an odd creature to a zoo, it breaks free and releases a bird that bites Valerian. This causes a multitude of problems!

E10 | Time Saving

The duo is hired to transport Drazel eggs to safety, but the only catch is that these are about to hatch and anyone who hears a Drazel cry, laugh to death.

E11 | Tea Time

When Dr. Zessel shows up again, he switches the consciousnesses of Valerian and Laureline with each other. What chaos does this bring?

E12 | As Time Goes By

In an interesting twist, the time travelers venture to an era which shouldn’t exist any longer, the Western Pioneer era on Earth!

E13 | On Borrowed Time

It’s time for a vacation! This duo needs one but things do not go quite as planned as it turns into a massive nightmare.

E14 | Time and Tide

A job takes them to find a recipe for a dish that will appease a god. In doing so, this god grants any wish! Only problem is, they aren’t the only one after it.

E15 | A Sign of the Times

The relationship between Valerian and Laureline has hit an unfortunate rough patch. Meanwhile, Laureline goes her own way to become a star!

E16 | There’s No Time Like the Present

In a strange turn of events, Valerian finds him in an alternate universe! What oddities exist there?

E17 | It’s About Time

After traveling to the solar system where Earth once existed, they find the moon still intact. Will they find answers about what happened to Earth?

E18 | It’s About Time

An assassination attempt is made on the Aldebaran emperor but Valerian was able to stop it. Now, they must chase down this would be assassin.

E19 | A Race Against Time

When the duo rescues a prince in the middle of an intergalactic race, they do all they can to help him win!

E20 | Time of Troubles

Valerian and Laureline are going to an energy conference but the conference does not go how it was intended.

E21 | Time to Pay the Piper

While at a casino, the duo is kidnapped and sent to a far off planet and the only way off of it is to retrieve a mysterious artifact!

E22 | A Long Time Ago

The Legenda got an upgrade after they had been away from the ship for so long and find it works better than ever!

E23 | Time Heals All Wounds

The planet Ukbar is contaminated by a vile species that poisons creatures and turns them violent. It is up to Valerian and Laureline to stop this.

E24 | Once Upon a Time

At a wedding for Prince Baral and Princess Pirna, Valerian and Laureline encounter some people who should not be there which makes it awkward for everyone.

E25 | Running Out of Time

In a test of survival, Valerian and Laureline enter into an illegal game show where they must defeat the most dangerous creatures in space.

E26 | It’s Showtime

The duo goes undercover to investigate one of the biggest movie studios around because the producer seems to be up to some shady things.

E27 | Payback Time

While transporting two prisoners, they get into a storm and get taken back to moments before Valerian and Laureline first met!

E28 | In the Nick of Time

When Valerian takes their ship in for repairs, Laureline decides to go to a wedding for two friends but not all goes to plan.

E29 | Starved For Time

Pursued by a crazed Pirna, the duo’s ship gets damaged and must make an emergency landing on an unknown planet.

E30 | Get With the Times

One crash landing leads to another, this time they are avoiding space pirates but they land on a planet seemingly devoid of… anything.

E31 | Time is Money

On the planet Shingouz, literally everything is taxed which is where Valerian and Laureline are sent to investigate stolen artwork!

E32 | Time for a Change

After buying a star map that could lead them to a lost planet and infinite wisdom, Valerian takes a long an unwilling Laureline.

E33 | Springtime in Paris

While back in Paris, Valerian loses memory of Laureline. Will he ever be able to remember her or is he doomed to forget her existence?

E34 | In Next to No Time

Tasked with a dangerous mission, Valerian and Laureline meet with a resistance determined to keep a weapon of mass destruction out of the wrong hands.

E35 | A Matter of Time

The Moonbase resistance retrieve a secret message that gives up their position, are they able to get the information to Valerian and Laureline in time?

E36 | A Waste of Time

The Aldebaran Empire is near a collapse when an accusation goes wrong in indicting Vlagos in a heinous crime!

E37 | In Times of War

Another wedding takes place but this time it results in the entire Vlagosian army attacking, while Valerian and Laureline take the battle to space.

E38 | Long Time No See

Everyone has disappeared with the new rulers in tow, but Valerian and Laureline time travel back to Earth to find out what really happened.

E39 | The Test of Time

With the answers they got from Earth, they are able to find Earth in the present day only for it to be ruled by a tyrant!

E40 | Only Time Will Tell

In a last gasp, Valerian needs to do quite a bit of saving! He needs to save the galaxy and his beloved time traveling partner, Laureline.



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