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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Season 1

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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Season 1 | 11 Episodes

E1 | Odaiba Sinks

One day, while Mirai Onozawa and her brother are visiting Tokyo, a massive earthquake occurs. What will they do when they're caught in the middle of the devastation?

E2 | Broken World

After the earthquake, Mirai searches desperately for her brother, Yuki, inside a building that will collapse at any moment.

E3 | Burning Bridge

Mirai, Yuki, and Mari set out in search of their homes. What awaits them as they get further outside the city is more dangerous than they imagined.

E4 | A Promise by the Three

Mari, Mirai, and Yuki prepare for the journey away from Odaiba, but the siblings find themselves in trouble after separating from Mari.

E5 | Schoolhouse of Lamentation

The trio finds shelter in their school, but the aftershocks prevent them from having any kind of rest.

E6 | Abandoned Choice

They finally reach Mari's work, but Mirai and Yuki are startled when Mari passes out. With constant aftershocks, they know that the trouble is far from over.

E7 | Summer Sunset

Rescue robots have finally arrived tohelp, but the emotional and physical trauma of the quake has taken its toll on Yuki.

E8 | A Pure White Morning

When Yuki collapses and is taken to the hospital. Worried, Mirai waits by his side, desperate for him to get well.

E9 | Farewell for Today

Mari returns home and finds it a desolation zone. Desperate to find her mother and her daughter, they check in with every crisis center in hope of finding them alive.

E10 | Sis, Listen

Mirai can't handle the talks of Yuki's death. Later, Mirai finds out where her parents are, and she gets news that will devastate her.

E11 | Dear Yuuki

Mirai finally returns home. Tokyo continues to recover from the earthquake, but Mirai must also try to recover from the emotional devastation she experienced.



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