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To Heart 2

Season 1

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To Heart 2

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | A New Uniform

After Konomi is picked up by Takaaki from her graduation ceremony, Takaaki ends up staying for dinner, which leads her mom to ask him for a favor.

E2 | Childhood Friend

A mysterious girl returns to Takaaki’s life. Soon, things become much clearer than they first appeared.

E3 | A Small Tea Party

Drama arises as Konomi's job with the library club is met with dislike from the library club’s leader. Will her job be saved?

E4 | Bicycle

Takaaki meets a new acquaintance but their initial greetings are not the nicest. Meanwhile, he needs to cheer up Manaka.

E5 | An Invitation

When a pushy mystery club leader black mails Takaaki into joining her club, they get lost on their first club trip.

E6 | The Brazier and the Girl

A strange new transfer student joins Takaaki’s class claiming to be an alien. Is there any truth to her outlandish claims?

E7 | UFO

In an attempt to call a UFO for Ruko, they end up being surprised by a meteor shower display. But does the UFO ever show up?

E8 | Mismatched Feelings

Bad rumors about Takaaki are spread after Sango Himeyuri confesses her love to him much to her sister’s chagrin, who is responsible for the rumors.

E9 | The Two of Us

On a trip to the amusement park, Takaaki and Ruri try to win a stuffed penguin for Sango, are they able to get this prize?

E10 | A Promise

A new maid android developed by Sango is called Ilfa. The maid stays to serve the Himeyuri residents.

E11 | Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom

At a tea ceremony, Tamaki invites all of Takaaki’s friends and thanks all of them for taking care of him.

E12 | Spring Breezes

Things between Takaaki and Konomi get complicated when her friends ask Takaaki a prying question. What does this do to their relationship?

E13 | The Morning of a New Beginning

Still unable to apologize to Konomi, Takaaki searches everywhere for Konomi. Is he able to find her and sort out the confusion?