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This Art Club Has a Problem!

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

This Art Club Has a Problem!

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Problematic People / Goodbye Uchimaki-kun

Subaru spends more time watching anime during Art Club than drawing, but at least he’s talented… wait, he wants to quit the club as soon as he finishes his latest waifu? NO!!!

E2 | The Murder of the Art Club President / The Good, the Bad, the Lost / Love Letter Panic

Subaru has blood on his hands… oh wait, that’s just red paint. Even so, he’ll have to enter an art competition to wash away his sins!

E3 | Where’s That Thing I Was Looking For? / Short Bob / Indirect Kiss

Adorable club member Colette has lost her precious locket! Or maybe she didn’t lose it. Maybe it was STOLEN! And maybe a little bit of magic will bring it back…

E4 | Welcome to the Art Club / A Stroll with Colette / Little by Little, Bit by Bit

The Art Club has a new advisor! Tachibana-sensei means well, but handling the characters in the Art Club isn't as easy as it looks...

E5 | Train of Misunderstanding / Doves, Mermaids, and Pool Cleaning

Have you heard of the butterfly effect? The Art Club sure has. Who knew giving a model head a makeover would create this much chaos?!

E6 | The Perplexing Transfer Cutie / A Curious Pair

The Art Club has a new transfer student! Maria and Subaru get along like peanut butter and jelly. Maria and Mizuki? Yeah, more like oil and water...

E7 | Our First Joint Effort...? / Master Imari

The Tsukimori Art Competition is coming up quick. The Art Club won silver last year, so this year they have to shoot for the gold — but Subaru doesn’t want to compete!

E8 | Secret Room / Let’s Treasure Hunt!

After the recent mishap with a certain model head, the Art Club is in need of a new subject to draw! Perhaps the storage room next door will provide a solution…

E9 | After That Magical Tome! / A Returning Challenger / Moe Stroll

Maria and Colette are on the hunt for a dangerous magical tome. The club president is on the hunt for a “special” book, too…

E10 | Turquoise Blue Memories / Usami Cram School / Buster-Kaori

Ever since they helped Moeka-chan, Subaru and Mizuki have become rather popular at school! In fact, the newspaper club wants to interview them. This should go well…

E11 | Unity! Empty Cans! Festival Time!

Yumeko decides it’s high time the Art Club contributed to the school’s annual festival, but the members of the club can’t decide what to make for the event!

E12 | From Here On

Rain isn’t so bad when you get to walk beside your crush beneath an umbrella… but Mizuki’s fantasies come crashing down when Kaori borrows her umbrella without asking!



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