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The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

Season 1

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The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Just Imagine

Finding a quiet place to live and start fresh was the main priority on Usa's mind. Unfortunately, he's found himself in a situation and place where it will be anything but.

E2 | Is It?

Everyone seems to have their own vacation plan, except for Usa. Shiro comes to the rescue as Mayuri falls into deep despair. Later, the residents watch a scary movie together.

E3 | Why

Even as Usa continues to try to get closer to Ritsu, both Mayumi and Sayaka have run-ins with the men in their lives, and Usa ends up stuck in the middle each time.

E4 | For Now

Usa's quest to win over Ritsu continues. After getting some less than helpful advice from his neighbors, Usa marches forward with hope in his heart.

E5 | Thought So

The group discusses how everyone deals with their relationships. Later, a water gun fight breaks out, and Usa finally finds a way to connect with Ritsu.

E6 | Could It Be?

The residents of Kawai Complex learn a little more about Shiro, who's caught the interest of a very young girl. There's more than meets the eye, however.

E7 | Recommended

A creeper has been spotted, so Sumiko forbids Ritsu from reading and walking home. Later, one of Sumiko's friends needs restaurant help, and Usa seems to be the perfect fit.

E8 | Happy

Usa starts his first day of work, surrounded by weirdos. Things get even crazier when two childhood friends show up that dubbed him the "Freak Show Ringmaster".

E9 | Forbidden

Mayumi once again is on the brink after a coworker flaunts her new boyfriend. Later, the Kawai residents are attacked by the most disturbing of insects, a centipede!

E10 | You Could Just Ignore It

An old friend of Usa's visits him at his job: Hayashi, the once touted ghost whisperer, who is now part of the popular crowd. 

E11 | Don’t Have Any Friends

Tsuneda Miharu arrives at Kawai Complex to see her old friend Sayaka. Unresolved differences from their past soon become apparent.

E12 | I Want to Get Closer

Maemura follows Ritsu around and invites her to an event for book lovers. When they arrive, it turns out to be something completely different.


OVA | First Time

Ritsu feels a little jealous whenever she sees Usa with other girls, but that's the least of her concerns as the school festival approaches!