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The Good Witch of the West

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

The Good Witch of the West

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | The Pendant of Ediline

On the day of the Queen’s Ball, Firiel receives a gift from her father: a necklace. Little does she know the trouble this little necklace will be getting her into...

E2 | Where the Young Goats Go

With Roux in the custody of the judges, Firiel finds herself going to the castle for help. With Adale’s help, Firiel discovers the secret behind her necklace.

E3 | The Secret Garden

Firiel gets her first taste of her new school. Between her harsh lessons and even harsher classmates, can Firiel find her stride in this elite establishment?

E4 | Darkness in the Garden

Rune sneaks into the all-girl’s convent and dresses accordingly to hide his identity. Meanwhile, Firiel tries to hone her skills as the “game” around her intensifies.

E5 | The Schemes of Flowers

Firiel trains in fencing, but finds it harder than she thought. Meanwhile, the scheming Student Council inducts Rune into their ranks.

E6 | A Waltz at Court

For an unknown reason, Rune asks Eusis to train him in swordplay, but Eusis refuses. Firiel, dealing with the emotional aftermath of her actions, is summoned by Lady Margot.

E7 | Pavane for a Princess Departed

Firiel and Rune meet up at Dr. Cornell’s lab and begin to dig into the past. At a ball, Firiel receives a proposition from Duke Riez.

E8 | Fantasia and Fugue

Under the watchful eyes of Lady Margot, Firiel finds her heart town between Eusis’s proposal and her feelings for Rune. Meanwhile, Eusis pursues Rune as a heretic.

E9 | The Wood at the End of the World

Firiel and Ingraine’s journey trails behind Eusis and the others. Meanwhile, Adale finds herself at odds with her identity as a queen’s candidate.

E10 | The Invisible Wall

A war looms on the near horizon, and real dragons pose a threat to the entire kingdom. On the run from a dragon attack, Firiel and Ingraine reunited with Rune.

E11 | The Minstrel’s Path

Firiel’s disappearance throws Rune into a panic. Meanwhile, Firiel awakens far away in enemy territory with a mysterious bard.

E12 | The Midday Star

A pack of dragons prepare to attack while Leandra begins the march to crush the forces of Bidgeon. Meanwhile, Eusis, Rune, Firiel, and Adale attempt to think of a strategy.

E13 | That Which We Cherish, That for Which We Fight

The Midday Star, a sign of the world’s imbalance, threatens to destroy life. Together, Firiel and Rune try to find the one solution to bring peace.



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