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The Girl in Twilight

Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English Portuguese Latin American Spanish

The Girl in Twilight

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | The Ritual at 4:44

The promise of another world drives Asuka and her friends to perform the 4:44 Ceremony. What’s the worst that could happen?

E2 | Another Fragment

A mysterious fortune teller cryptically gives Nana the number 696.9. What is its significance, and what would happen if it’s used as a frequency?

E3 | Before the Wedding Bells Ring

Infinite worlds lead to infinite possibilities. For Nana, this means a celebrity wedding. Will she allow this arranged marriage? What are Clutters and the King of Twilight?

English Sub Release
Wed, Jan 29, ’20 5:00 PM

E4 | The Magnificent Five, or Eleven

The wild west captures Asuka and Mia’s imaginations. But when frequency 1324.5 unlocks a world of high noon, will violent delights lead to violent ends?

English Sub Release
Wed, Feb 5, ’20 5:00 PM

E5 | The Hero in Me

Mia always wanted to be a hero, but others pushed her into a defined box. As the town’s deputy, will Mia finally decide who she wants to be?

English Sub Release
Wed, Feb 12, ’20 5:00 PM

E6 | Alone on an Island

A world where AIs provide for your every need seems perfect, especially for Chloe, who prefers spending time alone. But doesn’t everything seem a little too perfect?

English Sub Release
Wed, Feb 19, ’20 5:00 PM

E7 | Tu n'es pas seule.

Their course is clear: They must destroy White Goat. As Asuka tries to save her brainwashed friends, Chloe must learn she can’t accomplish everything just by herself.

English Sub Release
Wed, Feb 26, ’20 5:00 PM

E8 | Asuka and Asuka

A popular musical’s in town and Café Octave experiences increased business as a result. Asuka suddenly has a great idea: Why not help out?

English Sub Release
Wed, Mar 4, ’20 5:00 PM

E9 | Facing Twilight

They refused to abandon Asuka’s other self in her hour of need. Wanting to help, they travel to their friend’s Fragment. They believed themselves prepared, but what they find…

English Sub Release
Wed, Mar 11, ’20 5:00 PM

E10 | Liars' Party

The end has come and gone. Asuka and her friends have survived, but at what cost? Asuka vows to defeats the Clutters, but Yu becomes increasingly worried about her friend.

English Sub Release
Wed, Mar 18, ’20 5:00 PM

E11 | You, the Honor Student

The Twilight is here. As Asuka confronts herself, Nana, Mia and Chloe find themselves in a bind. And Yu? She has a decision to make. The most important one of her entire life.

English Sub Release
Wed, Mar 25, ’20 5:00 PM

E12 | After the Twilight Falls

Kyo’s disappearance was a defining moment in Asuka’s life. Another Asuka lost him, too. So have many more. Can this wound spanning different worlds ever be fully healed?



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