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The Demon Girl Next Door

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English

The Demon Girl Next Door

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Yuko Awakens!! For Family Reasons You're Now a Demon Girl

Yuko didn’t have horns or a tail when she went to bed last night! Now her mom’s revealing the deep dark secret their family’s been hiding for generations — What’s going on!?

E2 | Just How Sporty Are You?! Everything is Fluctuating

Well…  it’s time for Yuko to murderize a magical girl… but not before she gets in some exercise and spends her allowance, of course.

E3 | Nightmare or Forebear?! The Doorstop of Darkness Descends

Lilith contacts Yuko in her dreams with vital information she must remember. After all, Yuko needs all the help she can get! Say, why is Momo helping her anyways?

E4 | Sharpen Your Mind!! The Newly Awakened Powers of the Magical Girl

Wait a minute; there’s a switch on the bottom of Yuko’s ancestor statue. What happens if it’s turned on? Later, Yuko needs cash fast cause she owes Momo A LOT of money!

E5 | A Town Full of Traps?? The Demon on the Brink Awakens a New Ability

Momo finally meets Ryoko. Later, the accident-prone Yuko must carry a FRAGILE and VALUABLE laptop home with her. What could possibly go wrong?

E6 | Courage to Face the Future!! The Heavy Roller Won't Stop

Yuko will need to go deeper into Momo’s subconscious so she can implant the idea that will change everything! Perhaps compassion can triumph where fighting has failed.

E7 | The Pink Method!! The Wheel of Fate is a Round Tire!!

A change of fortune can only mean one thing: FOOD!  Later, Yuko learns the hard way that she and Momo have vastly different definitions of “training.”

E8 | The Cursed Fruit!! Beware the Sour Mikan!!

Mikan finally makes her debut, and Yuko’s anxiety spikes to even higher levels! Is the magical girl here to murderize Yuko or for another reason?

E9 | Final Exams!! Today I'm One of Those Brainy Demons!!

Yuko and Momo finally resume their duel. In the end, there can be only one winner — who will receive the higher exam score? Later, Mikan takes Yuko to a zombie horror movie.

E10 | The Ancestor Evolves!! A Pair of Glasses Reflect Within a Dark Lab

Look out Yuko, Shion’s up to something… and she won’t rest until she runs her experiments! Then, can Yuko and Momo keep a secret from Ryoko?

E11 | Diving into Dreams Once Again!! Break Through the Pink Defense Line

Yuko’s worried about Momo and dives into her dreams again to get the magical girl to open up. However, is that a good idea? Who knows what could happen this time.

E12 | Feelings to Convey!! A New Leap Forward for Demonkind!!

Momo needs to process the shocking revelations that rocked her to the core! Perhaps Yuko can solve the dilemma by offering Momo a deal with a demon girl.



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