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Tamako Market

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English

Tamako Market

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | That Girl's the Daughter of a Mochi Shop Owner

Tamako is a bubbly, popular high-school student working for the family business. But things suddenly take a turn for the strange when she meets a talking bird named Dera.

E2 | The Love-in-Bloom Valentine's

Tamako tries to get everyone in the local shopping arcade where her store is located into the Valentine's Day spirit, but her father is less than amused.

E3 | Hot Hot Hot Over That Cool Girl

Dera falls head over heels for Shiori Asagiri, Tamako's new classmate - but his confessions of love may not go as planned.

E4 | A Small Love Has Bloomed

It's May and festival time is drawing near, but Tamako's younger sister Anko doesn't seem to be in much of a festive mood...

E5 | We Spent a Night Together

The school field trip is coming up, and Tamako decides it's time to learn how to swim. Meanwhile, her childhood friend Mochizo struggles to say how he truly feels about her.

E6 | It's Chilled Even My Spine

With a heat wave in full swing and the shopping district's attendance suffering as a result, Tamako plans a spine-chilling haunted house to drum up some business.

E7 | That Girl's Become a Bride

Dera's old acquaintance Choi arrives in town, and the real reason for Dera's presence in Usagiyama comes to light.

E8 | I Won't Let You Call Me a Chicken

Dera has become rather chubby from the rice cakes that Tamako's family business sells, and an intervention is held to get him back in shape.

E9 | I Will Sing Love's Song

Everyone is getting excited for the annual rice cake-pounding event, but Tamako's sister Anko is in low spirits - the boy she has a crush on is transferring to another school.

E10 | Flowers Bloom on That Girl's Baton

Tamako's childhod friend Midori suddenly falls ill. The reason: the Culture Festival is coming up, but Baton Club president Midori can't think of an idea for their routine!

E11 | I Never Thought That Girl Would Be a Princess

Choi spies a birthmark on Tamako's neck that puts Dera's mission to rest: the bride destined to marry the prince of their island nation has been found!

E12 | This Year, Too, Has Come to a Close

The shopping arcade is abuzz when Prince Mecha arrives, but Tamako continues to struggle with the idea of giving up her life in Usagiyama.



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