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Season 1

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Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Yebisu Beer

Michiru just arrived in a new city and is ready to make friends! She will learn that the best way to do it is with good food and drinks.

E2 | Shochu Highball

Michiru starts her new job and is captivated by her beautifully dressed co-workers. With a need to fit in, she now has one big dilemma… what to wear?

E3 | Suiyoubi No Neko

Michiru finally has some free time, she spends it doing yoga, figuring out why Nao is acting like a cat, and enjoying a delicious beer.

E4 | Hyoketsu

Makoto is stressed about her job search, but after some interview advice from Michiru and a few drinks, the girls will find out that she’s worried about much more than that.

E5 | Kitty

Kae introduces the girls to wine, and it goes better than expected! Michuru can’t help but be amazed by Kae’s stylish lifestyle.

E6 | Dassai

Michiru's homesick desire for fish will start with frustration and end with a new way to enjoy it... with sake!

E7 | Coffee Rum

Makoto seems troubled at work and Michiru takes notice. Barriers are broken and the girls wash away their worries over a cup of coffee… rum?

E8 | Kakubin

Michiru's hard work pays off when she lands a new contract! What better way to celebrate than with fried chicken and a whiskey highball!

E9 | Otoko Ume Sour

Michiru is feeling a little body conscious and the diversity of snacks on hand is not going to help her shed those winter pounds.

E10 | Orion Beer

Nao is jealous that Kae is going to Okinawa for New Year's so the girls throw Nao a very special dinner!

E11 | Daishichi

New year; New Michiru! She wants to become a true Tokyoite but after reading her fortune, it’ll take more than new clothes to lift her spirits.

E12 | Asahi Super Dry

Makoto is having a hard time finding a job. Nao, Kae and Michiru offer to coach her in the proper etiquette when networking. With their favorite beer, of course.