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Spy Classroom

Season 2

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Spy Classroom

Season 2 | 12 Episodes

E13 | MISSION: Forgetter I

Sometimes, you have to give yourself a little reward to make it all worth it.

E14 | MISSION: Forgetter II

Under rare circumstances, cornered spies will turn to desperate acts of violence. All they can do is pray that others don't get dragged into the situation.

E15 | MISSION: Forgetter III

The team faces a moral dilemma over Matilda’s fate. She may be an enemy spy, but she is also Annette’s mother.

E16 | MISSION: Forgetter IV

There’s only one way to get Matilda out of a jam and sneaking her into a cargo freighter leaving the port may be the team’s last hope.

E17 | FILE: Glint

Everyone is starting to slip up and show signs of psychological strain. Everyone, with one exception.

E18 | FILE: Dreamspeaker Thea

A first-rate spy never lets down their guard. The girls face such a formidable opponent.

E19 | FILE: Forgetter Annette

Annette runs out of spending money buying parts for a machine she is building. The solution? She gets a side job!

E20 | MISSION: Dreamspeaker I

The latest mission is going to involve infiltrating a foreign country. This will be a major trial for Lamplight.

E21 | MISSION: Dreamspeaker II

The group questions bringing Roland with them. Unfortunately, he’s the only one who knows what Purple Ant looks like and that makes him valuable.

E22 | MISSON: Dreamspeaker III

Someone once told Miranda that when she was in the depths of despair, a hero would come to save her. Will that be true in practice?

E23 | MISSION: Dreamspeaker IV

An intense encounter at a bar. Tears are shed. A gun on the table. What is going on here?

E24 | FILE: Flower Garden Lily

All roads have led to this as Lamplight shines in this thrilling season finale of Spy Classroom.



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