Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English Latin American Spanish Portuguese


Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Haru Nabutame Does Not Shine

They say if you shoot for the moon, you'll land among the stars. But with a lofty new goal before them, the members of TiNgS fear they may come crashing down to earth...

E2 | Haru Nabatame is 'Shaky'

A year has passed, and TiNgS is still slinging tickets on the street. They'll need to work hard to sell out their venue, but their usual methods may not be up to the task...

E3 | Kyoka Tamaki the 'Foil'

Just a bad dream, or an omen of things to come? Kyoka isn't sure, but nightmares become reality when her new manager introduces a shocking shakeup to TiNgS' lineup.

E4 | Kyoka Tamaki Does Not Stand Out

Kyoka knows she can't be an idol when she's no one special; failure after failure proved that! But sometimes, a person is their own worst enemy.

E5 | 'Headstrong' Rio Seibu

When opportunities come knocking, TiNgS will answer the door! But Rio's big opportunity may leave a bitter aftertaste...

E6 | Rio Seibu Wants to be Praised

Rio absolutely REFUSES to be the center during the premiere of a new TiNgS song, and no one knows why. Something is holding her back, but she's not eager to share feelings.

E7 | Momiji Ito Will Not Go Back

The capitalization of TiNgS' name tells a story of division. Their manager wants to write a new chapter of that story — and this time, their name will tell a tale of unity.

E8 | Yukine Gionji Will Not Allow It

Can a star shine so brightly it drowns out the light of other stars? Do other stars notice they aren't the brightest in the sky? Yukine knows the answer intimately.

E9 | Haru Nabatame Does Not Trust

If they want Haru to shine to her full potential, TINGS will need to bring their A-game when performing one of the first songs their full unit ever learned.

E10 | Ren Kurogane Wants to Go Back

TINGS has their hands full with one seemingly insurmountable hurdle, but another, even higher obstacle is waiting in the wings to rain on their parade...

E11 | Kyoka Tamaki is Not Discouraged

Ren is determined to bring Haru back, but why is she so intent on dragging Haru away from TINGS? It seems a promise from the past brings pain to the present.

E12 | TINGS Does Not Shine

The moment of truth is upon them, and now TINGS must shine in the way only they can. Anxious, inexperienced, utterly joyful — it's time to show the real TINGS to the world.



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