Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: English Japanese
  • Subtitles: English


Season 1 | 10 Episodes

E1 | Hope / Start

Kakeru, lone survivor of a deadly disaster, visits an exhibit chronicling that terrible day — but what he finds there is more terrifying than anything he could’ve imagined.

E2 | United Front / Tag

Kakeru knows he needs to help that strange girl and her power-suit wearing friends. That’s just what heroes do, right? Now if he could only track them down…

E3 | Flight / Jump

Oni must find vessels in order to manifest in the human world. Kaede has personal experience with this phenomenon — and so does her former rival from her days as a track star.

E4 | Family / Brother

Kippei knows something is up with Kakeru, and he’s determined to find out what. After all, they’re brothers and heroes in training! Or at least they used to be…

E5 | Black Team / Sister

The mysterious Team Black also hunts oni, but their targets are in another, frightening league. Now they need Team White’s help to slay a dangerous Shinja… or so they claim.

English Dub Release
Sat, Dec 11, ’21 4:30 PM
Screenshot for SHIKIZAKURA Season 1 Episode 6

E6 | Partner / Ibara

To prove he hasn’t been corrupted by Ibara, Kakeru must show his true grit to Issa, a heavy-hitter from Team Black who vowed to wipe all Oni off the face of the earth.

English Dub Release
Sat, Dec 18, ’21 4:30 PM
Screenshot for SHIKIZAKURA Season 1 Episode 7

E7 | Smile/Real

Kakeru and his friends perform a hero stage show for children. Since they’re actual heroes, this should be a piece of cake! Right?

English Dub Release
Sat, Dec 25, ’21 4:30 PM
Screenshot for SHIKIZAKURA Season 1 Episode 8

E8 | Dearest Wish/Mother

Ryo vowed to hunt down his father’s killer. When Oka becomes a target, Ryo may finally get the chance he’s been waiting for.

English Dub Release
Sat, Jan 1, ’22 4:30 PM
Screenshot for SHIKIZAKURA Season 1 Episode 9

E9 | Escape/Stop

Oka is destined to protect the dreams of others, but what about Oka’s dreams? Don’t they matter, too? Kakeru certainly thinks so, and he’ll do his best to make them come true.

English Simulcast
Sun, Dec 12, ’21 3:00 AM
Screenshot for SHIKIZAKURA Season 1 Episode 10

E10 | Coming Soon

This episode is not available yet. Please check our schedule for details.



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