She, The Ultimate Weapon

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-MA)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English

She, The Ultimate Weapon

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | We Fall in Love

Shuji and Chise have recently begun dating, but Shuji is a bit doubtful about his decision. Later, tragedy strikes when Shuji goes to the mall with his friends.

E2 | I'm Growing...

Shuji tries to act as though nothing happened after finding out that his girlfriend, Chise is the Ultimate Weapon.

E3 | Together, Alone

Shuji and Chise take a walk on Observation Hill, reflecting on the events that took place. Later, a person from Shuji's past makes an appearance.

E4 | Fuyumi

Shuji and Chise go on their first date to an aquarium, however, their date is cut short by some unexpected guests.

E5 | Liar...

Chise declares her desire to live for the person she loves. Later, Chise forsees a disaster at the school.

E6 | Classmates

Shuji and Chise reveal everything about each other. Chise decides that they'd be better off as regular classmates.

E7 | What I Want to Protect

Chise and Shuji realize that they can work things out and they make plans to go see the sea lions and dolphins together. Later, Shuji finds a mysterious note in his shoebox.

E8 | Everyone's Changing

Shuji's classmates are not showing up for school. Meanwhile, Tetsu and Chise go on a "shopping spree."

E9 | Akemi

Chise didn't have maintenance for at least two days, and her physical condition has gotten worse. Later, a large earthquake hits Hokkaido.

E10 | And Then...

Chise finds Tetsu in a dire situation. Meanwhile, the students prepare for the culture festival but the military wants to cancel it.

E11 | A Time for Us

Shuji and Chise elope and start a new life together outside their old town. Their happiness is cut short when an unexpected guest shows up.

E12 | Love Song

Chise takes all of her meds, resulting in her mental and physical condition deteriorating gravely. Later, Shuji returns to where he and Chise started going out.

E13 | And We Will Love

Chise reveals to Shuji that the world is on the brink of destruction, but wants him by her side until the very end.



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