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Seitokai Yakuindomo Season 2

Season 2

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-MA)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Seitokai Yakuindomo Season 2

Season 2 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Under the Cherry Blossom Trees Again | The Sleepy Season, Drop | A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

The school year is off to a high-flying start as the members of the student council slide into a new year, but a yogurt mishap puts a bad taste in Takatoshi’s mouth.

E2 | Watching Suzu Hagimura | Ousai/Eiryou Gathering, Another Helping! | Always have Pocket Tissues for Checkups

The student council president of Eiryou High stops by for a visit. She gets along really well with Aria and Shino. Maybe a little TOO well, honestly…

E3 | Vice President for Three Days | How Sad, My Sweetheart

The second years are off on their class trip to Okinawa, and that means Takatoshi will need a temporary replacement on the student council. Let’s hope Kotomi can hack it!

E4 | The Hightlighted Part Goes Peace, Peace, Peace | Cutail | Revolutionary Peeling Off

Learning is fun, so let’s learn all about the history of a certain adult object in “Nene Todoroki’s Extensive Knowledge” segment!

E5 | Support Style | A Bulge After Taking It Off | Fighting Girls

Rain puts a real damper on the mood at school. It also puts Aria in a different kind of mood. Ahem.

E6 | Idol Student Council President | Attack Item Twitchy-Twitch

Can Shino become an idol? Can Igarashi stop fearing men? Can you guess what’s happening in Aria’s “What’s This?” segment? Maybe that last question is better left unanswered…

E7 | I Did Something Good | A Great Presence that Illuminates You | As You Can See, I Wet Myself

The grand opening of the pool is fast approaching, but there aren’t any lifeguards on duty. Looks like the student council will have to get wet n’ wild and jump on in!

E8 | Playing Around with the Waves, I got Soaked | All-Purpose Wings | Summer Night, Summer Morning

Summer is on the brain as the student council goes location-scouting for their class trip, but summer can’t be all work, no play. Why not spice things up with a courage test?

E9 | Ranko Hata Bites On | The OG is Very, Very Good | Enjoying a Coincidental Misunderstanding

While helping Hata with the school newspaper, the student council members stumble upon evidence of a steamy romance between two teachers!

E10 | Tsuda’s Mushroom Falls Within Expectations | Wings Fly | The Pumpkin’s Feelings

At Aria’s family home in the mountains, the student council forages for natural ingredients, but a self-conscious Takatoshi refuses to show his peers his mushroom...

E11 | An Earnest Reaction to the Secret Terms | Apparently That’s True in Some Countries | Snow and Play, Santa’s Descendant

Some phrases are just a mouthful. Too bad Shino’s attempts at shortening them only make things worse (or better, depending on your point of view).

E12 | Happy New Year | The Ability to Stand Above Others | Vir***ity | How Could You Wash That?

Ah, the New Year. It’s a time for sales, celebration and resolutions. Could certain student council members resolve to be less perverted this year? No. No, they could not.

E13 | Proper Girls’ Talk | Long-Distance Attack | Hand Lines | A Cherry Blossom Sky

Takatoshi’s parents take a trip, leaving him and Kotomi home alone. Shino, Aria, Suzu and Uomii decide to crash. Chaos ensues.



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