Re: Hamatora

Season 2

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-MA)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English

Re: Hamatora

Season 2 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Melancholy of Hero

The members of detective agency Hamatora mourn their fallen comrade, Nice. The somber mood doesn’t last long, as the action picks up with a new case.

E2 | Art Returns

Ratio and Birthday track Chiyuu down to a club where they meet a group of Minimum Holders by the name ‘Freemum.’

E3 | Madness Flower

The Minimum Holders of Yokohama are having their abilities stolen by Art, leading to strange personality changes in the victims.

E4 | For Whom Talent

Honey leaves Café Nowhere after her regression. Soon after, she receives a bodyguard request. Can she handle it alone?

E5 | Buddy's Wishes

Nice and Murasaki pursue Honey’s captors, but Art’s sudden appearance throws a wrench into their efforts.

E6 | Advent

After some investigative work, Nice and Murasaki learn what Gasuke was up to before his death and who attacked the police station.

E7 | Emergency Room 24 Hours

Tensions are high as the Café Nowhere gang visit a recovering Murasaki. Art begins planning his next move…

E8 | Worst Promise & Best Memory

After learning that her ability is the cause of the strange side effects on Minimum Holders, Hajime begins to remember her past.

E9 | Symphony in the Moonlight

The Cafe Nowhere group are forced into joining a play put on by their local shopping district. Meanwhile, Freemum continues their expansion.

E10 | For Whom to Duel

After Birthday gets hospitalized, Chiyuu returns to the group, disoriented, escaped from the Freemums.

E11 | End of Yokohama

With the Freemums sphere of influence growing, Minimum Holders from all across Japan converge on Yokohama to petition the government.

E12 | Ego (Resolution)

All of the questions surrounding Nice's childhood in Facultas, those who lost their Minimum, and the nature of Ego come to a head in this final episode!



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