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Season 1

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  • Audio: English Japanese
  • Subtitles: English


Season 1 | 26 Episodes

E1 | Invasion of the Capital - Overlord

Life for Ayato Kamina seems normal enough, but when wars hits close to home, the life he once knew changes forever.

E2 | God and Man Awaken - Awakening

With the RahXephon awakens, the tide of war seems as if it is about to change, The RahXephon, under the control of Ayato, easily eliminates the invading Dolem.

E3 | City of Two - Welcome to our town

Ayato has discovered the shocking truth: his mother has blue blood. The RahXephon destroys another Dolem and creates a passage from Tokyo to the outside.

E4 | His Own Watch - Watch the year hand

Having left the "safety" of Tokyo and now living on the outside, Ayato and Haruka are picked up by TERRA, the military group that she is a member of.

E5 | Nirai-Kanai - On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Having taken care of the Dolem threat, Ayato has proven that he can be trusted, and is taken to a new home.

E6 | Obliterated Cities - Lost Songs Forgotten Memories

The media has somehow picked up on the knowledge that TERRA has a new weapon in their fight against the Mu, but they keep running into a brick wall of plausible denial.

E7 | Day of Assembly - Phantom In The Cloud

A man calling himself an "observer," Makoto Isshiki, is brought in to join with TERRA, but his true purpose seems rather questionable.

E8 | Bitterly Cold Holy Night - The Dreaming Stone

A crystal that Kisaragi has given to Sayoko has some adverse effects, and it's not just on her either.

E9 | Small Shrine of Time - Sanctuary

What starts as a typical day at the beach turns into a mystery. Ayato sees a woman that he believes to be Reika, and he and Quon go to investigate.

E10 | Sonata of Reminiscence - War In The Remembrance

Itsuki has been experimenting with music to grow plants, and a piece of music that Quon has been playing recently has had a rather strange effect on them.

E11 | [Kyoja] Circuit - Nightmare

During a recent encounter with a new Dolem, Ayato's life support systems fail, and it seems that he may have finally met his end.

E12 | The Black Egg - Resonance

Quon has fallen into a strange catatonic state and is hospitalized. To everyone's surprise, she suddenly vanishes, and the search is on to find out just where she went.

E13 | Human Specimen #1 - Sleeping Beauty

The question on everyone's mind is "Who is Quon?" Itsuki claims that she is his sister, but other information surfaces that indicate otherwise.

E14 | The Boy In The Mirror - Time After Time

A shake-up at the base takes place when the corporate interests use their influence to take charge of Quon. A new Terra weapon, The Vermillion, debuts.

E15 | The Children's Night - Childhood's End

Three young children study within their master's vast mansion. Meanwhile, one child finds a Dolem living in the ruins beneath and wants to protect it.

E16 | Island of Others - The Moon Princess

Still searching for the truth about what he is, Ayato toys with the idea of returning to Tokyo Jupiter. However, his trip may come sooner than he planned.

E17 | Return to the Labyrinth - Ground Zero

TERRA sends Elvy to catch Ayato and Quon, as well as bring back the RahXephon, their best defense against the Mulian invasion.

E18 | The Bond of Blue Blood - The Memory of a Lost City

Ayato's life is falling apart. His mother isn`t who she seems to be, and his friends seem to have been sent to spy on him.

E19 | Blue Friend - Ticket To Nowhere

Now that he's left Tokyo Jupiter, Ayato seems to only have one person he can rely on, and that's himself. He can't return to TERRA.

E20 | [The Battle of One Who Manipulates] - Interested Parties

Ayato is back with TERRA again, but now Isshiki is in charge, and that`s not good for anyone. Mishima has suddenly appeared.

E21 | The Carved Seal of Xephon - Goodbye My Friend

Tempers and attitude flare as Isshiki`s take-over of TERRA begins to take its toll. Mamoru finally learns what happened to Hiroko when she came over with Ayato.

E22 | Operation Jupiter Obliteration - Downfall

Ayato has a face-to-face encounter with Mishima who reveals her true purpose for showing herself to him.

E23 | [From Here To Eternity] - Where The Sweet Bird Song

The Mulian forces have issued an ultimatum: hand over the RahXephon or face annihilation. However, TERRA decides against handing over RahXephon.

E24 | Doorway to the Tuning - Twin Music

As the battle rages on between TERRA`s forces and the Mulian invaders, Ayato finds himself in a position where he must finally choose which path he must take.

E25 | God's Uncertain Music - Deus Ex Machina

With Japan in ruins, the survivors begin to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and try and slowly rebuild. Ayato appears, and Quon makes her final move.

E26 | Far Beyond Eternity - Time Enough For Love

It's the final battle between the two True Xephons, but there will only be one winner. It is clear that it has all been orchestrated.



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