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Ragna Crimson

Season 1

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Ragna Crimson

Season 1 | 24 Episodes

E1 | The Day the Reaper Was Born

Death and fire haunt Ragna’s dreams and, deep within his heart, he somehow knows they’re omens. If he doesn’t grow stronger, and soon, all that awaits him is lifelong regret.

E2 | The Beginning of the Story

Temruogtaf must be stopped. But Ragna loses interest in the dragon and turns his attention to one of his maids. Thanks to his new old memories, he knows who she really is.

E3 | Agitation

Crimson is no hero. He will manipulate and use others if it furthers his goal, and that callousness is precisely what makes him a needed ally against dragons.

E4 | Action

Dragons have another weakness aside from sunlight and silverine: pride. But Ultimatia is not like other dragons.

E5 | Wing

Ragna met Ultimatia before in another life and he did not emerge from that encounter unscathed. Now, in this life, dragons are disappearing and Ultimatia needs to know why.

E6 | Reunion

Ultimatia may have control over time itself, but Crimson knows her powers must have a weakness. Uncover it, and all variables will be accounted for. Or so Crimson thinks.

E7 | Act and Guilt

Ragna’s relentless assault forces Ultimatia on the defensive. Unaware of his identity, an unexpected emotion overtakes the dragon monarch as their battle rages on: Fear.

E8 | A Painful Blow

Ultimatia made an impossible choice and, with Nebulim out for their blood, Ragna and Crimson must now withdraw. However, they may have only exchanged one problem for another.

E9 | Negotiation and True Nature

Starlia's ability to see a person’s true nature puts Crimson at a disadvantage, but when Ragna suddenly appears, the princess sees something in him she’s never seen before.

E10 | Stakes and Cooperation

While Crimson uses Ragna as a bargaining chip to convince Starlia to accept their aid, Woltekamui vows to remain at Ultimatia’s side and gives her much needed encouragement.

E11 | Tactics and Knowledge

Ragna spars with the Argentum Corps and infuses their weapons while Crimson assists with the teleportation circles. But they are not the only ones preparing for battle.

English Dub Release
Sat, Mar 9, ’24 5:00 PM
Screenshot for Ragna Crimson Season 1 Episode 12

E12 | Determination and Readiness

The battle begins at sunset, but before they confront an uncertain fate, Starlia asks Ragna to listen to a heartfelt request.

E13 | Hero of the Battle

The battle has begun, but Ragna and the Argentum Corps are not facing just any enemy. They are facing those who mean to exterminate them by any means necessary.

E14 | Impatience and Vigilance

Olto Zora’s cunning plan overwhelms the corps as they face the power of mature dragons. However, Crimson’s impending offensive and Starlia’s resolve may be the key to victory.

E15 | Latent Awakening

The tide is turning as the corps claw their way through the battlefield—Ragna and Starlia the source of their inspiration. But none are aware of Crimson’s callous scheme.

E16 | Will of Resistance

Olto Zora used to be someone else once, and Starlia reminds him of someone he knew long ago.

E17 | My Comrade

Olto Zora and Taratectra are lifelong friends who stand at a crossroads that could determine the battle. Now, Ragna and Starlia may be the only ones who can prevent calamity.

E18 | End of the Battle to the Death

The battle is over, but at a heavy price. While a weary corps mourn their losses, representatives from the Solarian Church arrive to meet the fabled Reaper.

E19 | Reason to Fight

Ragna has found a reason to fight, and he and the Argentum Corps will take the battle to the Blood of the Wing, no matter what Crimson thinks.

E20 | Just Watch Me

Four superior dragons stand between them and the Winged Monarch. With unyielding resolve, the Argentum Corps storm a dead capital for the final battle.

English Simulcast
Sat, Mar 9, ’24 4:00 PM
Screenshot for Ragna Crimson Season 1 Episode 21

E21 | Coming Soon

This episode is not available yet.

English Simulcast
Sat, Mar 16, ’24 4:00 PM
Screenshot for Ragna Crimson Season 1 Episode 22

E22 | Coming Soon

This episode is not available yet.

English Simulcast
Sat, Mar 23, ’24 4:00 PM
Screenshot for Ragna Crimson Season 1 Episode 23

E23 | Coming Soon

This episode is not available yet.

English Simulcast
Sat, Mar 30, ’24 4:00 PM
Screenshot for Ragna Crimson Season 1 Episode 24

E24 | Coming Soon

This episode is not available yet.



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