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Season 1

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Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | The Crimson Spirit

Phoron Tatara and his spirit partner, Corticarte Apa Lagranges, walk through town, looking at the historic monuments as they wait for Phoron’s motorbike to be repaired.

E2 | The Watching Spirit

Phoron and Corticarte arrive at the Tsuge Divine Music Player Office where they meet Maura Ren, a woman being harassed by the spirit of a peeping stranger.

E3 | The Left-Behind Item on the Ocean Bed

A new client comes to the Office with an interesting proposal. He needs an object retrieved from the bottom of the sea, his late father’s brief case.

E4 | The Day It All Began

The Yugiri twins reminisce over their father’s memento and the first time they met Phoron and Eufinley at the Torvas Divine Song Players Academy.

E5 | Affannato: The Bond of Betrayal

Suzuna comes to the Office believing that her spirit has breached its contract and is working for another Dantist.

E6 | Scherzo: The Reason to be Together

The Tsuge Office becomes tense after a Eufinley receives a call from another Divine Music Player Office asking to have Rembart transferred to them.

E7 | Violenza - Black Pursuers

An old school friend of Phoron, Yamuna, comes to visit and asks him for assistance. One day at work, Yamuna found a mysterious suitcase with a One-Man Orchestra.

E8 | Serenade: Between Human and Spirit

Old memories resurface when Prinesca finds a love letter. Even though she is happy about the interest, she can’t shake her worried feelings.

E9 | Serenade: The Tale of a Divine Song Player

Phoron hasn’t been quite himself lately as his ability to play a Commandia has diminished. Corticarte is just as troubled by this development, but can’t seem to find a remedy.

E10 | Ballade: What Comes after Hatred

The entire team is called to work on a case after Renbart’s is injured. Akatsuki and Mailreit are refusing to allow a burnt old house from being demolished.

E11 | Requiem: The Singing Spirit

The members of the Tsuge Office are called to assist a One-Man Orchestra developer, Terero Terumin, complete his work on a new invention.

E12 | Symphony: The Divine Song of the Rainbow

Phoron and Corticarte try to convince Krista that her life will be in danger if she continues to sing for the Counterfeit Rainbow.