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Okamikakushi ~ Masque of the Wolf

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Okamikakushi ~ Masque of the Wolf

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Joga Town

Hiroshi and his wheelchair-bound younger sister, Mana, arrive in the town of Joga. As if settling in isn't hard enough, the school's class president doesn't like Hiroshi.

E2 | Siblings

Hiroshi's father shares a bit of lore with his children about Joga and the man-like wolf species believed to have lived there.

E3 | Impulse

Issei takes Hiroshi, Kaname, Isuzu, and Mana to the river. What is supposed to be a fun-filled picnic, turns into a visit to the hospital.

E4 | Premonition

After a series of strange events, Sakaki reveals an unfortunate reality: that a pack of murderers are roaming freely in Joga.

E5 | Runaway

Supposedly, Issei transfers to another school, but it seems as though something far more grave is happening.

E6 | Love

Hiroshi is worried when Isuzu misses class. Meanwhile, the villagers argue amongst themselves about the Hassaku shortage.

E7 | Loss

Concerned over Isuzu's continued absence, Hiroshi divulges her theory: Joga wolves can assume human shape.

E8 | Complication

Kaname's theory is proven correct. Later, Nemuru is placed on house arrest and stripped of her duties for helping Hiroshi.

E9 | Secret Room

Hiroshi pressures Nemuru for answers, and she finally reveals Joga's secrets to him, disclosing more than he was ready for.

E10 | Hassaku Festival

Isuzu finally recovers and is dealt another blow. Hiroshi recognizes a familiar face as a priestess to the white wolf.

E11 | Demise

Sakaki, who was once a friend, unfortunately becomes a foe in a series of outrageous and deceptive events.

E12 | The Mysterious Tale of Joga Town

Just when things start to become settled, Hiroshi finds himself caught up in another supernatural battle.



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