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No Game, No Life

Season 1

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No Game, No Life

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Beginner

Sora and Shiro, a pair of antisocial NEET gamer extraordinaires, suddenly find themselves in a new world where games decide every facet of life -- much to their delight.

E2 | Challenger

The pair's new friend Steph makes a foolish bet. As the new king of Elkia is crowned, Steph details the fall of the Imanity race and her struggle to prove her father right.

E3 | Expert

With a new queen of Elkia about to be announced, Shiro steps in to take the reigns from her in the only way he knows how: playing the game.

E4 | Grandmaster

A lively game of chess turns into something more. After emerging victorious, Shiro and Sora ascend up the tower of power once again.

E5 | Weak Square

Sora and Shiro vacate the palace, electing to live in a hovel. Steph begins to fear that they are not the saviors she thought they were, challenging them to games of "chance".

E6 | Interesting

Sora and Shiro challenge the Flugel Jibril in an epic game of shiritori, with the knowledge of two worlds at stake.

E7 | Sacrifice

Sora aims to challenge the mighty Warbeast empire, but soon learns that it may be a fruitless endeavor.

E8 | Fake End

Sora, Shiro, Steph and Jibril devise a risky plan with even riskier stakes, making their way to the Warbeast embassy to challenge them.

E9 | Sky Walk

Foul play is suspected when Sora is nowhere to be found after Shiro wakes up, spurring him to action.

E10 | Blue Rose

Sora, Shiro and the rest prepare themselves for a game with the Warbeasts through trust exercises and cunning strategy. The stakes are high, but Sora, as always, has a plan.

E11 | Killing Giant

Izuna, though powerful, has been matched in gameplay. This first person shooter will test their limits in virtual space. As tensions flare, friendly fire becomes imminent.

E12 | Rule Number 10

While Izuna's abilities seemingly defy physics, Sora and Shiro make potentially futile attempts to amp up their game.