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Neo Angelique Abyss -Second Age-

Season 2

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-PG)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Neo Angelique Abyss -Second Age-

Season 2 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Lost Light

Erenfried and Jet meet with the Religious Leader, promising to build a Jinx to kill the new Thanatos, on one condition: that Yorgo’s life be spared.

E2 | The Melody of Encounters

The group heads for Celestizam, in the hopes of helping Angelique wake up to solve the Nyx mystery. Jet remembers kidnapping her, much to his confusion.

E3 | Sword in Hand

Angelique is captured by men who want to harm her for the raid on the Thanatos. Someone appears to save her, while the rest of the Aube Hunters hide until the time is right.

E4 | The Tower of Dreaming Souls

Angelique notices that something is bothering Hyuga and asks him to confide in her. As her concerns are being assuaged, they hear a Thanatos outside.

E5 | My Little Angie

Rene and Angelique meet up at the Sacred Capital where he shares big news. Roche and Bernard try to figure out the truth about Nyx by studying a letter from the past.

E6 | Holy Rebellion

In the midst of Rene's crowning ceremony, Mathias interrupts, unlocking a power that nobody is prepared for -- not even Mathias himself.

E7 | A Night of Truth

When Nyx and Angelique arrive at his family home, she asks him what happened that night at the Hidamari Mansion. Nyx shares the secret to his elongated life.

E8 | The Young Men's Resolve

The gang and the Aube Hunters arrive safely, where Angelique tells them that Nyx is possessed by Erebos. Erenfried has regrets about the artifact chip and gives Rene a gift.

E9 | Termination on the Snowy Plains

Erenfried learns that Yorgo, the only one who can stop Mathias and recover the Holy City, is to be executed, and sets out for Wodon.

E10 | The Cost of Sin

Mathias pledges fealty to Rene, vowing that he will help save Arcadia as his atonement, only to be interrupted by Erebos.

E11 | Rest in Celestizam

Rene pressures Angelique to reveal her plans to everyone, before it's too late. While the gang restores the ship, Jet asks Erenfried a harrowing favor.

E12 | To the Sky

Though her true happiness lies in protecting Arcadia, everyone begs Angelique to stay. As the ship is about to depart, Erenfried discovers a nasty present from Erebos.

E13 | Eternal Arcadia

The Aube Hunters and Angelique finally locate Erebos, launching a full scale assault. Farewells and promises are exchanged as Angelique makes her final decision.



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