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Mysterious Girlfriend X

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-MA)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: Portuguese Latin American Spanish English

Mysterious Girlfriend X

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Mysterious Girlfriend X

The new transfer student, Urabe Mikoto, is a complete mystery. Tsubaki Akira doesn't know what to make of her, until he suddenly can't stop thinking of her.

E2 | Mysterious Bond

His strange relationship with Urabe prompts Tsubaki to go to his friend, Kouhei Ueno, for advice on how to advance it.

E3 | Mysterious Test Tube

Tsubaki catches Ueno and Oka kissing, and Ueno begs him to keep it a secret. However, the only thing on his mind at this point is kissing Urabe.

E4 | Mysterious Girl Meets Girl

Oka takes an interest in Urabe and asks her to be friends with her. Urabe's response is a little lackluster.

E5 | Mysterious First Date

Tsubaki finally finds his courage and manages to ask Urabe out on a date. Unfortunately, she runs off before he can ask.

E6 | Mysterious Set Up

After an interesting conversation about first names with Oka, Tsubaki decides he wants to call Urabe by her first name.

E7 | Mysterious Flu

The school is hosting a sporting event, but Tsubaki is stuck at home due to illness. Urabe visits him in hopes of making him feel better.

E8 | Mysterious Sensation

Tsubaki has a vivid waking dream. By acting out his dream, he crosses a boundary which might damage his relationship with Urabe.

E9 | Mysterious

A new haircut sends Urabe’s popularity soaring. Tsubaki is infuriated and jealous, as his possessive nature begins to show.

E10 | Mysterious Affair

Tsubaki runs into Aika, who's just been dumped by her boyfriend. After the obligatory small talk, an awkward question is voiced.

E11 | Mysterious Cultural Festival

Tsubaki pretends to be Hayakawa’s boyfriend for the day, and Ueno and Oka show up at the festival together.

E12 | Mysterious Tug

Since seeing Ueno naked, Tsubaki wants to hug her and be close to her every time he sees her. However, unwanted advances make her unleash her panty-scissors!

E13 | Mysterious Girlfriend and Boyfriend

Urabe gets to know more about her new, mysterious boyfriend while enjoying a nice chat with his sister, Yoko.



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