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My Life as Inukai-san's Dog

Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-MA)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: Latin American Spanish English

My Life as Inukai-san's Dog

Season 1 | 14 Episodes

E1 | Shake

Pochita finds himself transformed into a dog and adopted by his school crush, Inukai-san! Plus, bath time makes Pochita doggone uncomfortable.

E2 | Walkies

Pochita needs to go outside. He also gets scolded for putting his cold, wet nose where it doesn't belong. Bad dog!

E3 | Scaredy-Cat

Nekontani is scared of dogs? Pochita finds a way to be useful even though someone's a scaredy-cat. He also smells tulips.

E4 | A Dog's Heart

Inukai-san tries a new way to communicate with Pochita! She also tries on a new outfit for him - hot diggity dog!

E5 | Runaway

When Inukai-san takes Pochita over to Nekotani's, Pochita puts his escape plan into motion - and succeeds! But when he gets to his room, he finds someone else there...

E6 | A Lonely Rabbit

It's raining cats and dogs! Tsukishiro takes Pochita home in the pouring rain, but she starts feeling ruff after getting her clothes cold and wet. How can Pochita help?

E7 | The "Come Home" Test

Pochita remembers what turned him into a dog and who the culprit might be. Unfortunately, he's caught between Inukai and Tsukishiro, who both insist he's their dog!

E8 | Off to School

Desperate to talk to the girl in the labcoat, Pochita convinces Inukai-san to smuggle him into school. He also gets a dog's eye view of the classroom!

E9 | Doggy Panic

As Inukai-san's class preps for their dog cafe, Nekotani shows up to say hi. But watch out for the glue, doggone it!

E10 | Pochita

Nekotani tries to escape the pack of dogs! Pochita thinks it's pool time!

E11 | Doggy Foot Bath

When Tsukishiro's class steals customers from their dog cafe, Inukai-san proposes an interesting idea: give people doggy foot baths! Bow chicka wow wow!

E12 | First Kiss

Pochita discovers the truth about why he was turned into a dog! He must make a decision about his future. But can you teach this new dog old tricks?

E13 | The Dog Pool

Pool party! Pochita and his friends get all wet! However, getting on the scale causes some aquatic anxiety - ruh roh!

E14 | School Festival Date

Pochita's narrative reaches a hair-raising climax when he gets caught between Inukai-san and Tsukishiro-san!



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