Motto To Love Ru

Season 2

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-MA)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Motto To Love Ru

Season 2 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Once Again From Here / Bathroom War / Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, the Sound of Love

When Lala and Rito are running late for school, they'll realize that using a teleportation device get to school faster can have some visible consequences.

E2 | The Thing That Surfaces in the Darkness / Welcome to the Yuuki Household / Slumber Party

As Rito attempts to keep Haruna away from Lala’s gadgets, they accidentally activate one and are warped to another location -with no clothes!

E3 | Special Love Potion / Looking at You Through the Lens... / The Lovely You is Cinderella

Rito delivers assignments to a sick Yuki who panics when a boy is in her room. Later, Rito tries on Lala's glasses and discovers a surprising trick with them.

E4 | Yami Yami Fashion / Wonderful Love / Twins Escape

Since Yami always wears the same clothing, Risa and Mio take her shopping. However, her new and improved wardrobe prevents her from using her weapons properly.

E5 | Queen of Romance?! / Let’s Play a Game / That Sweet Feeling Tastes Like Chocolate

Rito avoids Lala while Saki daydreams of Zastin. Everyone prepares for Valentine’s Day, and Rito is the object of desire for many.

E6 | Peach Girls / Late Night Private Tutor / Master of Romance

Things go awry when the group visits Saki’s private beach. Lala helps Rito study for an upcoming math test.

E7 | Yami’s Clinic / Hostility / A Weird Haruna

Yami falls ill with a fever, and Rito rushes her to the hospital. As she recovers, Yami questions why Rito would help her.

E8 | Become Bigger / Wonderful Life / The Trance of Feelings

Haruna feels self-conscious about the size of her bust, and later finds a stray dog! Mikan and Yami switch bodies to experience each other’s abilities.

E9 | For Whom the Bell Tolls / The Troubling Rampage / Loving Idol

Mikan and Rito’s parents are never home, so the approaching Christmas holiday doesn't excite them, but Lala still helps fulfill one of Mikan's wishes.

E10 | Pollen Telepathy / A Girl’s Feelings / Heart-Throbbing E-Mail

Celine is drunk and spreads her pollen, making Saki and the others fall for Rito. Later, a misunderstanding by Momo sparks an interesting turn of events.

E11 | All Quiet on the “Sister” Front / The False Love? / Predicting Love

Momo sneaks into Rito’s bed. Mikan, who wants to catch Momo in the act, sneaks in instead! Meanwhile, Celine is drunkely polinating and this time, Yami is under fire.

E12 | I Love You Parts 1, 2 & 3

An outing goes horribly wrong, and Rito comes to an incredible realization, with a more incredible dilemma around it.



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