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MONSTER MUSUME Everyday Life with Monster Girls

Season 1

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MONSTER MUSUME Everyday Life with Monster Girls

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Species 1: Everyday Life with a Lamia

Hapless Kimihito finds himself sucked into a government exchange program that forces him to become caretaker to Miia, an overly-affectionate monster girl who is part snake.

E2 | Species 2: "Everyday Life with Harpy and Centaur

Just when Kimihito thinks he’s settled in with Miia, two new monster girls arrive on the scene to wreak havoc: Papi, the harpy, and Centorea, the centaur!

E3 | Species 3: Everyday Life Under Dangerous Circumstances

The three monster girls are now living under Kimihito’s roof, and just when it seems like tensions can’t get any higher Smith makes a surprising announcement.

E4 | Species 4: Everyday Life with a Slime

Something strange appears in the Kimihito household and quickly makes Miia its first victim. What is this slimy creature, and is it friend or foe?

E5 | Species 5: Everyday Life with a Mermaid

Agents from the Interspecies Exchange Agency arrive at the Kimihito household. The girls flee with Suu, but the Agency is there for an entirely different reason.

E6 | Species 6: Everyday Life of Molting and Laying Eggs

Kimihito finds himself in one uncomfortable position after another when Miia begins shedding and Papi prepares to lay an egg. A shady director appears to film the ordeal.

E7 | Species 7: Everyday Life with MON and Arachne

Kimihito and company are introduced to “MON,” an unconventional special forces team made entirely of monster girls. A spider woman takes an interest in Kimihito.

E8 | Species 8: Everyday Life of Poor Health

Rachnea’s causing issues that might be a product of miscommunication or jealousy - it’s up for debate. Then, as Kimihito gets a cold, the girls must rely on Suu to help him.

E9 | Species 9: Everyday Life with a Threatening Letter

The girls try to deduce if Smith and Kimihito are on a date but their plan backfires. Even so, Miia gets to go out with her Darling, but it’s not quite what she had in mind.

E10 | Species 10: Everyday Life with D

Papi requests a forest trip, but doesn’t know why until the group is attacked by a tree! Later, Cerea goes out with Kimihito and a devil takes advantage of her insecurities.

E11 | Species 11: Everyday Life with a Dullahan

MON is sick of watching Kimihito go on his dates with the girls, so they recruit him as their "boyfriend" for the day. Later, the writer of a threatening note is revealed!

E12 | Species 12: Everyday Life with Monster Girls

According to Lala the Dullahan, Kimihito’s life is in danger. Though he assures the girls that he’s not going to die, their attempts to save him may actually do him in.



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