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Momo, The Girl God of Death

Season 1

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Momo, The Girl God of Death

Season 1 | 6 Episodes

E1 | Your Voice

When Mai falls ill and dies, Kota blames her cat. Kota intends to leave the cat for dead, but Momo--a shinigami or "death god"--allows him the chance to speak with Mai once more.

E2 | When I Was a Fish

Mitsuki Asano is a normal high school student until Momo informs him that he will soon die.

E3 | Beyond the Light

Kantaro Ichihara's grandfather has passed away. While he cleans his grandfather's room, he finds instructions to uncover a treasure.

E4 | Autumn Magic

Chiaki Kazama tries to fill the shoes of her mother after she passes away. Momo gives her a way to speak with her mother one last time.

E5 | Lights of a Firefly

Eko Miyazaki seeks Kota's help so he can tell his deceased sister goodbye once and for all.

E6 | Journey of the Heart

Sakura Kisakai wakes up dead. When she returns to the place where she died, she meets Momo.