Key Art for Mezzo


Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English


Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Shell of Love

The DSA is hired by a mysterious woman to stop Asano from acquiring and using on Takizawa a black market medicine designed to cure Alzheimer's disease.

E2 | Shell of Stars

Aiko, a weather caster, is not very good at her job. Leo appears in front of her and asks for shelter. When he disappears she asks the DSA for help.

E3 | Shell of Fear

Hosokawa asks the DSA to deliver a suitcase. While this mission seems simple, several men attack the DSA on their way to the rendezvous point.

E4 | Shell of Lies - Part 1

Kurokawa has a job to do and Harada tags along. Their client, Taneri, believes his wife (Jennifer) is having an affair and hires the DSA to follow her.

E5 | Shell of Lies - Part 2

Mikura and Sakura meet for the first time in two years. They catch up on old times and try to make up for lost time, but Mikura suspects something is going on.

E6 | Shell of Memories

When Harada runs into an old girlfriend, he's cold toward her. Mikura and Kurokawa try to dig for clues about what happened between them.

E7 | Shell of Sorrow

Asami goes into a supposedly haunted house and witnesses Mr. Ouya getting beaten up by a thug. Asami introduces the Ouyas to the DSA to evict the thugs from the building.

E8 | Shell of Thoughts

Asami wins a ticket to try out a new virtual reality dream machine, but Mikura tries the machine for herself. Instead of happy dreams, she is having nightmares.

E9 | Shell of Dreams

There's a killer who's been leaving death threats before his kills. After receiving a threat, a man comes to the DSA and hires Mikura to be his bodyguard.

E10 | Shell of the Cursed

The DSA is hired to transport a mummy while it is in Japan. After various mishaps believed to be the mummy's curse, the DSA is ends up facing a group of armed men.

E11 | Shell of Illusion

The Phantom is murdering men in influential positions. The leader of the Higuregumi, is also a target, so the DSA to act as a decoy to get Phantom's attention.

E12 | Shell of Origin

Deciding it is too dangerous for Kurokawa to go out on his own, Mikura makes him stay home. While shopping, Mikura is kidnapped by the Black Scissors.

E13 | Shell of Destruction

As if having are warrants out for their arrest wasn't bad enough Omabari orders his officers to murder the DSA members!



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