Season 1

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Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Buy or Die?

In the city slums, the boxer JNK.DOG makes a living throwing fights for the mob in underground arenas. That changes when he has a chance encounter with the champion, Yuri.

E2 | The Man Only Dies Once

Yuri has sought JNK.DOG out to test his mettle in the ring, and their encounter will leave the underground fighter a changed man.

E3 | Gear Is Dead

Nanbu and Joe are preparing for their first official match, but they must find a decent set of Gear first.

E4 | Let’s Dance With Death

Nanbu and Joe make the ultimate gamble to get into Megalonia: Joe will fight without a Gear. But can a gearless boxer survive a sport designed for cybernetic enhancements?

E5 | The Man From Death

Nanbu’s old fighter, Aragaki, returns to the ring with a vendetta against his former trainer... one that might cost Joe his life.

E6 | Until the Last Dog Dies

Aragaki is stronger, faster, and more vicious. How can Joe compete against this seasoned fighter?

E7 | The Road to Death

Megalonia begins in a month, and Mikio is the favored final entrant to the tournament. Joe and Team Nowhere must secure their spot in the Megalo Box championship, but how?

E8 | Deadline of the Dream

Mikio forces Team Nowhere to forfeit a match by threatening to expose Joe and Nanbu’s seedy past. Will their dream of making it into the Megalonia tournament ever come true?

E9 | A Dead Flower Shall Never Bloom

It’s man vs. machine as “Gearless” Joe squares off against Mikio and his AI, Ace.

E10 | The Die Is Cast

Crime boss Fujimaki demands that Team Nowhere throw their opening match to repay their debt. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, the team must decide their next move.

E11 | A Deadmarch

Joe faces off against the “Bloody Lion,” Glen Burroughs. But if Joe wants his friends to live, he must throw the match.

E12 | Leap Over the Edge of Death

Inspired by Joe’s meteoric rise and wanting to face him in a fair fight, Yuri makes a life-changing decision.

E13 | Born to Die

Joe has finally risen to the top. The last battle begins as both Joe and Yuri eagerly face off in a titanic rematch!



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