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Maria Holic Alive

Season 2

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English

Maria Holic Alive

Season 2 | 12 Episodes

E1 | The Forbidden Women's Dorm

In order to reach the famous tree where her parents once confessed their love to each other, Kanako and her friends must brave the traps of Girl's Dorm #1.

E2 | Playing the Immoral Game

The rainy season has started. In order to pass the time, Kanako, Mariya, and Matsurika take out cards to play a game.

E3 | Greed's Tremor

After failing to fit into her chick magnet mini skirt, Kanako embarks on a journey to the lands of the quick fix. A little dieting never hurt anyone... right?

E4 | The Captive Maiden

For her crimes against Mr. Yunakuni, Kanako must stand trial with Mariya as the prosecutor, and God as the judge.

E5 | Sullied Sisters

After failing all of her final exams, Kanako is whisked away by the Dorm Supervisor to begin her grueling yearlong study session... or is it only week long session?

E6 | Heart Pounding Mission: School Scramble!

While Kanako is away for her "study session," card battles, up do's, and deco fads begin to unfold at Ame no Kisaki.

E7 | The REAL Swimming Competition Full of Pretty Girls

The swim meet is on and Miyamae is losing pints of blood just thinking about it! Meanwhile, Mariya and her brother (sister?) have their own plans.

E8 | Sullied Innocence

It's Sachi's birthday and the school has prepared a big party at the church for her. What sort of perverted present will Kanako give to Sachi?

E9 | The Precocious Fiance

Ryuken gets a bit of a surprise when a ten-year-old claiming to be her fiance shows up to Ame No Kisaki.

E10 | The Holy Man's Scapegoat/The Feast in the Wet Dream/The Forbidden Relationship/The Nape in the Summer

Kanako is gifted with a cursed rosary, which inflicts the owner with horrible nightmares. Unable to fall asleep due to the curse, Kanako seeks for help.

E11 | The Younger Sister's Juicy Secret

Kanako's younger sister Miki visits the school. Miki lets loose a secret she's kept hidden ever since she was a little girl, revealing the true reason for her appearance.

E12 | Kanako's Birthday!

After dropping hints to her friends, Kanako is sad that no one wants to celebrate her birthday. Meanwhile, Kanako's friends prepare for a special day.



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