Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English


Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | You Will Be Mine, Hero. I Refuse!

For 15 years, a war has raged between the humans and demons. Hero, heads to the castle of the Demon King, leader of the demons, to end the war.

E2 | Please Make Us Human

The deal between Hero and the Demon King is not widely accepted. Meanwhile, rumors are spread that the Hero and Demon King fought and are recuperating their wounds.

E3 | Where Have You Been?!

The Demon King prepares for the next phase of her plan in a meeting with Hero and the nun in charge of the Lake convent.

E4 | If That Happens, I'll Take a Bite Out of the Hero!

Several months have passed since the Hero's departure, and the Demon King can't seem to concentrate on her important guests.

E5 | You Smell Good, Demon King. And I Feel Safe in Your Arms, Hero.

A year passes without any advancement and Hero doesn't like what the outcome of a losing battle looks like. Meanwhile, a plan has been devised to retake Bright Light Island.

E6 | Welcome Back, Hero! Yeah, Old Man. I'm Back!

The battle to take Bright Light Island is going nowhere fast. Victory lies on the shoulders of the Crimson Scholar and their revised battle plan.

E7 | I'll Be Back Soon, We'll See Each Other Soon.

In order to maintain her rule, the Demon King prepares to return to the Demon Realm, leaving Hero behind.

E8 | Take This Sword My Lord.

Hero goes on a trip with the Merchant and the Crimson Scholar to the Demon Realm. However, the Church has other plans for the Crimson Scholar.

E9 | I Am Human.

The speech of the century touches the hearts of the crowd and of the enemy. The enemy rethinks their plans and leads into a retreat.

E10 | So Now Their Plans are Finally Coming to Fruition?

With the enemy retreating, Hero and his companions must revise their actions determining the fate of many others.

E11 | I Just Destroy and Kill, Without Creating Anything

A proposal with the Financial minister is made by Merchant. Meanwhile, the Demons and soldiers mobilize for war.

E12 | I'm Back, My Hero. —You Sleep Too Much, My Demon King

The battle between Hero and the Demon King continues. Meanwhile, preventative measures are put in place to impede an all out war.



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