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Majikoi Oh! Samurai Girls

Season 1

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Majikoi Oh! Samurai Girls

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Come at me, seriously!

It's an all out war at Kawakami Academy!  Class 2F goes up against their hated rivals from Class 2S.  Little do they know that there's a wild card in the shadows.

E2 | Complete the mission, seriously!

Someone's stirring up trouble… sexy trouble! A secret mission is on the menu, and the Kazuma family is on the case.

E3 | Go Crazy For Me, Serously!!

Miyako is willing to do anything to make Yamato hers. Will Yamato be able to dodge all of her advances?

E4 | Talk to Me, Seriously!!

In order to avoid Miyako, Yamato attempts to hide in the bath. However, Yamato finds himself in a bind after walking in on someone unexpected.

E5 | Get Mad at Me, Seriously!!

After the humiliation Kokoro endured at the hands of the young strategist, she is dead set on getting revenge.

E6 | Carry It With Me, Seriously!!

Yamato and his friends create an interesting shrine for the annual Kanagawa Festival. Amid the festivities, Yamato meets a strange man who seems to know his father.

E7 | Come with me, seriously!!

Embarrassing photographs were taken during the festival and were distributed worldwide into magazines. Yamato and the girls are tasked to find out who is responsible.

E8 | Explain what's going on, seriously!!

Momo's thirst for battle is about to be quenched as Tachibana decides to take her on in an intense duel!

E9 | Come out to me, seriously!!

Yamato lies severely injured in the hospital surrounded by his friends. Meanwhile, Momo is determined to find Tachibana.

E10 | Go at it with me, seriously!!

The battle rages on between Momo and Tachibana and things don't go well when new players get thrown into the fray.

E11 | Sortie with me, seriously!!

The fight for Yamato continues and none of the girls are willing to back down. Meanwhile, Tachibana is busy announcing her own intentions.

E12 | Love me, seriously!

Yamato and his class face off against their enemy in front of the Prime Minister's residence. Meanwhile, Momo settles things with Tachibana.