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Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden

Season 1

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Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | In The Garden Where the Hydrangeas Bloom

A teenager named Suguru Misato decides to hire a maid to help him with the house since his parents have passed away. He hires a former combat android named Mahoro as his maid.

E2 | Woman Teacher Saori, 25 Years Old

Suguru has returned to school and has to explain to all his friends why he now has packed lunches and ironed clothing.

E3 | A Grave So Transient

Mahoro's and Ms. Shikijo rivalry for Suguru's attention comes to a peak while they are all visiting a bathhouse.

E4 | Shoot Me Straight Through The Heart

Everyone goes to the beach. Things get crazy when an android shows up and rips the swimsuits off all the girls.

E5 | 8-634 Is Doing Fine

During a staff meeting, the staff read outloud a letter they received from Mahoro, describing her life as a maid.

E6 | Moon Flower Design

Another android joins Mahoro, as Vespers thinks Mahoro is in danger since she has been stripped of most of her combat capabilities.

E7 | The Maid Chased By Her Past

As everyone is returning to school after the summer vacation, Chizuko is nearly run over by a car that is out of control.

E8 | One Who Has a Perfect Heart

Suguru throws a party in order to try and figure out the connection between Mahoro and the new substitute teacher.

E9 | Limelight

The final dual has been set for Mahoro and Tou Ryuga so she asks Suguru out for a date. During the date Mahoro tells Suguru about Rou Ryuga.

E10 | Fate As A Warrior

Mahoro's past is revealed as she goes through training to learn the combat skills that she uses today.

E11 | A Person Precious To Me

Mahoro and Tou Ryuga face off in battle. Mahoro quickly realizes that she will have to use drastic actions in order to survive.

E12 | To The Scenery I Once Dreamt Of

Mahoro's thoughts before she blacks out are of Suguru and returning before he wakes up and finds her note.