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Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-MA)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English


Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Wet Sand of March

Ooizumi begins filming a new series starring five beauties, but there's one in particular who stands out.

E2 | June ~ Country of Dreams

Yagami doubts her abilities as an actress. She turns to Ooizumi for support, but it seems the other girls need him too!

E3 | Rhapsody of July

Ooizumi is left alone with the five beautiful stars, and the compromising situations abound with complications!

E4 | Deserted Schoolyard of August

Yagami continues to feel like a hack actress, and Ooizumi encourages her to persevere through her doubts!

E5 | If It Becomes September

Ooizumi is caught off guard when he keeps constantly fantasizes about the girls performing Rayer Change.

E6 | Sky of September

Ooizumi and Yagami go on an unexpected date, and hilarity ensues as their date progresses. Unexpected things are revealed.

E7 | Men Are Unable to Endure That

Ooizumi's dreams unknowingly and unwittingly come true! He has the girls falling all over him before the day ends.

E8 | The Actresses Who Were Cast Into Hell

Ooizumi's usual fickle fantasies take a dark turn. With some unsuspecting twists he has to deal with them.

E9 | A Man Who Is Understood Too Well

Ooizumi vents his frustration and chaotic emotions into his newest script. Leaving much to be desired.

E10 | The Days of Love & Reminiscence

Ooizumi keeps questioning his new writing unusual style for his new script. The girls keep surprising him.

E11 | With No Regrets in My Youth

Some try to fulfill their childhood dreams only to be dashed as they are cut from the show. Things begin developing as they start to communicate.

E12 | Shine Amidst the Tempest

They’re afraid of the low reception their show will get. Meanwhile, some magic is worked behind the scenes and they get a nice surprise.

E13 | History is Made Through Women

The show is wrapping up and interviews are being done. The group reminiscences about their time on the show.



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