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Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! -Heart Throb-

Season 2

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Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! -Heart Throb-

Season 2 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Evil Lord Shingan... Reborn

Unusual circumstances forces Yuta and Rikka to live under one roof. Keeping it under wraps is top priority as the new school year starts.

E2 | Dolphin Ring Striker

Yuta and Rikka's relationship sparks a renewed interest with their friends, and they are not too pleased to hear about the current status of their relationship.

E3 | Magical Devil Girl in Pursuit

Yuta's childhood friend makes an appearance, much to the dismay of Rikka, who must fight her jealousy.

E4 | The Election for President of the Student Council (Queen Maker)...of Purity

Shinka attempts to run for Student Council president, but a pesky little blonde girl is foiling her every attempt at normalcy.

E5 | The Illusive...Siesta Labyrinth

The Magical Napping Society - Summer is in danger of being disbanded, naturally the only solution is to start napping, competitively.

E6 | Travelling to the Island of Tsukushi...of Hesitation

The class trip is here, and while Rikka and Sanae must separate, now is a good time for her to get some alone time with Yuta… if their class mates let them!

E7 | Triangle...of Missed Encounters

Hoping for a peaceful day of sightseeing with Rikka, Yuta's day take a turn when Shichimiya suddenly appears.

E8 | The False...Mori Summer [or Holy Spirit Mother]

Sanae and Shinka begin questioning who the real Mori Summer is when a new website appears created by Mori Summer.

E9 | Resort - Last Resort

While helping Kumin's aunt run a shop by the beach, Rikka realizes that her powers are fading...and she may want them to.

E10 | Gauntlet of Rain [or] a Midsummer Night's...Rain and Whips

Satone continues to wrestle with her newfound feelings, and only one thing can save her from herself: a showdown!

E11 | Blue Moon Ragnarok

Rikka is determined to find the necessary items to revive the Dark Flame Dragon, and puts herself in danger in the process.

E12 | The Superior Contract...of Twilight

Rikka is acting strangely around Yuta, and it takes all of her courage to confess her true feelings to him.


OVA | The Rikka Wars/ Apocalypse of the Wicked Lord Shingan Reborn

Rikka discovers that Yuta has been receiving pictures of his middle school idol crush and she isn't pleased.