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Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Chance Encounter... with Wicked Lord Shingan

After recovering from adolescent delusions, Yuta transfers schools to begin anew. As he tastes the fruit of normalcy, Rikka Takanashi discovers Yuta's delusional past.

E2 | Priestess... of the Melody

Yuta wants to crush on the beautiful Shinka, but Rikka's antics prohibit it. A visit to Rikka's house reveals how delusional she really is.

E3 | The Heretical... Pigtailed Girl

Yuta tries to decide what club to join, but Rikka is already a step ahead of him. She creates the "Far-Eastern Magic Society" and manages to rope in two members.

E4 | Regret of... the Mabinogion

Yuta is puzzled that Nibutani wants to join Rikka's club. He wonders if she could really like him back, but the answer he gets isn't the one he imagined!

E5 | A Binding... Hard Study

Rikka and Yuta face their low grades, and their club is fingered as the culprit! Rikka begins a new battle with her latest opponent: math!

E6 | The Atoned... Innocent

Rikka makes club uniforms for everyone, further humiliating Yuta; the tension between Nibutani and Dekomori continues to grow.

E7 | Reminiscences... of Paradise Lost

A trip to Rika's hometown reveals more about her than Yuta had anticipated. Dekomori continues her antics against her nemesis "Mori-Summer".

E8 | Exiled... Just the Two of Them

After refusing to face the truth about her father, Rikka "retreats" to her home with Yuta in tow. Makoto is finding it tough to figure out his feelings for Kumin.

E9 | A Confused...Chaos Heart

The school festival is on, and amidst Shinka's attempts to turn their club into something legitimate, Rikka battles strange feelings.

E10 | Holy Mother's... Pandora's Box

Rikka and Yuta are unsure of where they're headed, and each gets some advice from a friend. Rikka's sister reveals her intention of studying the culinary arts in France.

E11 | One-Winged Fallen Angel

Rikka begins to acclimate herself to living a normal life, successfully making friends in the process. Sanae, however, isn't too happy about it.

E12 | Eternal Engage

Yuta begins to worry after it becomes apparent that Rikka may not come back. Sanae ditches her Dekomori persona to follow suit with Rikka.

OVA | "Glimmering...Explosive Festival (Slapstick Noel)"

Some time after Rikka returns to the school, the gang has a Christmas party at Sanae's mansion.



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