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Long Riders!

Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Long Riders!

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | A Small Miracle

In an effort to feel more confident, Ami buys the folding bike she’s fallen in love with. All seems to go well on her first exhilarating ride until she suddenly collapses!

E2 | Seaside Cycling

Ami’s in pain after her first day of biking, but it’s nothing compared to the pain of the so-called “leisurely ride” she takes with her new friends, Hinako and Yayoi.

E3 | A New World

One hot day, the girls decide to conquer Yabitsu Pass, but the ride up the mountain may be too much for Ami. When she collapses with a leg cramp, she’s fights to continue.

E4 | The Secret Part-Time Job

Ami decides to purchase a road bike and takes on a part-time job to save up. Meanwhile, Hinako deals with her embarrassing work uniform in a Chinese restaurant.

E5 | A Different World

Ami, now the proud owner of a road bike, leads her to new cycling goals. However, she may have reached too far on her own with an ambitious solo ride.

E6 | Fortuna

Now that she’s a stronger cyclist, Ami falls in love with the idea of forming a team with her friends. She sets her sights on designing their jersey… and picking a team name!

E7 | The Bonds of the Team

Ami takes her road bike to the shop for an inspection, but her stress disappears when Fortuna’s jerseys are delivered! Now a matching team, the girls plan their next move.

E8 | The Expanding World

In preparation for the Azumi Autumn Ride, the girls take on a 100km course. Ami enjoys herself along the way and finishes the 100km without realizing it!

E9 | Azumi Autumn Ride! Part One

Team Fortuna begins their long-distance cycling event... without Ami?! Ami gets separated from the others, and even when they reunite, the time limit starts to creep in.

E10 | Azumi Autumn Ride! Part Two

With Ami's strength wavering, Fortuna must work together to finish the last stage of the Azumi Autumn Ride, but Ami might have to sacrifice herself to help the team.

E11 | The Moment the Town Starts to Move

The girls go on a night ride to (secretly) train Ami to handle it. While Ami is busy enjoying the stars, she doesn't notice that her headlight is getting dim...

E12 | Long Riders

The girls take a two-day cycling trip and enjoy the sights along the way. However, one morning, they wake up and find that their ride has been interrupted by a rainstorm.



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