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Little Busters!

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English

Little Busters!

Season 1 | 26 Episodes

E1 | The Team Name Will Be... The Little Busters

Riki, Masato, and Ryousuke are no strangers to shenanigans and all the trouble that comes with them! The trio decides to from a baseball group.

E2 | If You're Happy, I'm Happy

Komari Kamikita, a clumsy girl who loves cats, will soon be the newest member of the Little Busters.

E3 | I Like Cute Things, You See

Morning practice turns into a day's events of chaos. But all's well that ends well when the Little Busters welcome a new member to the team.

E4 | We'll Make a Happy, Sunny Place

Riki helps his classmate, Kudryavka Noumi, move into her new dorm. Komari can't quite remember her past.

E5 | To Find What I've Lost

Komari's dreams about her brother are becoming more frequent so Riki continues to visit Kojiro in order to learn more about Takuya.

E6 | Let's Find Wonderful Things

Komari finally remembers Takuya's death, and she retreats into a state of shock. Riki wants to save her and help her come to terms with his death.

E7 | Now Then, Guess Who!

Riki sets out to find more members for the baseball team since he already got Komari and Yuiko to join.

E8 | Let's Look For a Roommate!

Riki, Rin, and Masato go to great lengths to make sure their newest team member gets what she wants: a roommate.

E9 | Save the Cafeteria!

Riki and Rin receive another mysterious letter tied to the same cat as before which instructs them to "save the cafeteria."

E10 | The Blue of the Sky, the Blue of the Sea

Riki has the gratifying job of finding the final member of the Little Busters to have a full baseball team.

E11 | See, there Ain't no Ghosts

Kyousuke sets up various ingenious traps within the school to test the courage of the Little Busters team.

E12 | A Blue World, Stretching on to Eternity

Riki sensing Mio's discomfort asks her to become the team's new manager so that she feels included among his friends.

E13 | Where the End Begins

Riki sees a girl in the courtyard who looks just like Mio...but she disappears. Later, a shocking secret is discovered about Mio.

E14 | That's Why I'll Hold My Hand Out to You

Riki is certain that he'll never forget about Mio...that is until Midori messes with his memories of her. Now Riki is unsure of what is real and what is not.

E15 | Hell Yeah, This Totally Rocks!

The female members of the Little Busters hold Riki hostage! The guys play games to figure out which one of them will go to rescue Riki.

E16 | Don't Look at Me Like That

Haruka is taken away to the disciplinary committee who venomously accuses her of things she did not do.

E17 | I Wanted Someone to Stand by My Side

Haruka tells the story of her past and worries that her friends will abandon her once they know the truth.

E18 | The Answer is Within Your Heart

Haruka builds the courage to confront Futaki; what Futaki shares in response might change the dynamic of the Little Busters forever.

E19 | Keep Working Hard

Practical exams are fast approaching and Kudryavka decides to take a national proficiency test in school; the other Little Busters members help her study.

E20 | Cure the Lovesick

Rin continues to battle with another teammate, but all the bickering is set aside when they receive another mysterious message.

E21 | 50 Miles Of Sky

The team works together to clean their clubroom. Later, everyone learns a bit of surprising and interesting history about Kudryavka.

E22 | I Promse I'll Come Back

The Little Busters always mean well, and they do what they can to help. But sometimes there's nothing they can do....

E23 | For Those You Love

Kudryavka is captured by a rebellious group who are looking to lay blame on anyone connected with the space program.

E24 | If Rin-chan is Happy, I'm Happy, Too

When Rin's next challenge is delivered, Riki becomes increasingly suspicious at the timing of the deliveries.

E25 | The Final Member

The time has come for the Little Busters' first match! Facing a number of obstacles, the Little Busters get ready to play ball!

E26 | The Greatest of Friends

To everyone's surprise, Kengo is enthusiastic about being on the team. Later, everyone congratulates Riki on being the new leader, and the team prepares for its final game!



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