Leviathan -the Last Defense-

Season 1

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  • Audio: Japanese English
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Leviathan -the Last Defense-

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | I'll Make You My Friend

A group of meteorites descend on the planet Aquafall, housing evil creatures intend on destroying the world.  A girl from the dragon clan rise sup to the challenge.

E2 | You'll Get Stuck

Syrup wants Bahamut to join the Aqua Fall Defense team, but she has other things to think about...

E3 | I'll Go Deep

Now free from the clutches of the swamp, the trio sets out to save a friend....

E4 | I'll Call You!

While Syrup visits her rather large family, she rediscovers her love for them.  A loud noise disrupts their happiness, however, and Syrup runs to find out what's happening.

E5 | I'm Going on Vacation!

It's time to head to the beach! Bahamut and Jormumgand make their way to the sandy beaches while Leviathan joins them to find more clues about her brother.

E6 | I'll Have My Revenge!

While at the beach, the girls stumble upon the root of the problem facing their world, an enormous Lucasite!  As it starts releasing waves of Toripu, Leviathan and her friends must transform and fight.

E7 | I'll Find It!

The three girls, along with Syrup, trek across the desert in search of the fleeing Lucasite.  After a fruitless attempt to produce water, Bahamut decides that she's had enough.

E8 | It's Definitely Suspicious!

Leviathan is wounded by a Lucasite attack.  With her friends fighting to defend her and Toripu spawning at a fantastic rate, there seems to be no end in sight.

E9 | I'm Definitely Going to Take a Bath!

Coming to Rajima Volcano to heal their wounds, Leviathan and her friends decide to spend the night at an inn.

E10 | I'll Definitely Cheer You Up!

Leviathan and her friends run into a weakened Fire Drake on their way to the hot springs. He will need medicine to pull through.

E11 | I'll Definitely Revive You!

Leviathan and her friends discover a group of Toripu while returning from Rajima Volcano. Meanwhile, the Lucasite assault the barrier, which seems to be on the verge of breaking...

E12 | It's Definitely a Shock!

After finally making their way back to their village, the girls seek some R&R.  Leviathan has a big decision to make.

E13 | I'll Definitely Defend It!

The Giant Lucasite appear once again to destroy Leviathan's village, and with the help of Jormungand, they prepare to defend their home...but where is Bahamut?



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