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La Corda d'Oro Blue Sky

Season 2

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

La Corda d'Oro Blue Sky

Season 2 | 12 Episodes

E1 | The Opening Partita

Kanade and Kyoya are invited to watch Kyoya’s older brother’s orchestra concert. The trip starts a chain of events that leads them to the steps of Seiso Academy.

E2 | Sighs and Ave Maria

The news that the two new members will take part in the competition doesn’t go over well with the orchestra club. Can Kanade and Kyoya prove themselves in a test of skill?

E3 | A Melodic Experiment

A trip with Kyoya, Sosuke, and Haru to another high school’s chamber music club introduces Kanade to Leiji, a student who is, for some reason, determined to crush her.

E4 | Summery Einsatz

The competition draws near. Members of Shiseikan High School’s wind instrument club arrive, and Kanade meets the cheerful (and rather lucky) Arata Mizushima.

E5 | Aida of Heroes

The National Music Competition begins on a sour note as Kanade struggles with the fact that she will be competing against the same boys she made fast friends with.

E6 | The Forbidden Passage

Kanade can’t seem to overcome her weaknesses, and Ritsu’s effort to make up for her mistakes puts his wrist in worse condition. Which school will advance to the semifinals?

E7 | The Wandering Rhapsody

Kyoya’s ascension to first violin in Ritsu’s place makes everyone, especially Kyoya, anxious. Meanwhile, Kanade, and everyone else, practices with greater fervor.

E8 | Brillante of the Noble Rose

It’s Seiso Academy versus Jinnan High School in the semi-finals. Will Kanade and Kyoya overcome their anxieties and come through for the club?

E9 | The Roaring Tarantella

Seka uses his music to take Leiji to back to one of his darkest memories. Can Kanade help Leiji get back on track to lead his team to victory in the semi-finals?

E10 | Da Capo of Memories

Ritsu selects Kanade to play first violin in the next round. She wants to learn how touch people’s hearts with her sound, and Housei and Chiki attempt to show her.

E11 | Elegy of Love and Hate

A strange turn of events results in Kanade getting trapped with Leiji. She then begins to remember the incident, seven years ago, that made him hate her.

E12 | Blue Sky Grand Finale

Leiji and Kanade barely make it to the finals. Sounds and emotions collide in as Kanade, Kyoya, and the members of Seiso’s orchestra club bear their hearts on stage.



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