Key Art for Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible!

Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible!

Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English Latin American Spanish

Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible!

Season 1 | 6 Episodes

E1 | Heroine and Background Character

Junta may be a living NPC, but Kubo’s dare just turned him into the momentary main character! But if he’s the hero, what does that make her?

E2 | Bad Luck and Home Visit

Kubo wants to stop by Junta’s house and borrow a manga volume. That’s definitely the only reason she wants to know where he lives. No other reason at all…

E3 | The Nobody's Gift

Junta knows he’s invisible to others, so no one will notice if he peeks at a certain magazine, right? Unfortunately, the store clerk can see him just as easily as Kubo can.

E4 | Red Heart and Secret Admirer

It’s Valentine’s Day for his classmates, but an ordinary Monday for Junta. Except someone left sweets at his desk. It must have been an accident; it’s the only explanation!

E5 | White Day and a Destination for Feelings

A question from a friend causes Kubo to realize something: what does she know about Junta, anyway?

E6 | Nurse's Office and Main Character

Another person notices Junta’s presence, and Junta slowly feels like a main character.



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