Key Art for Kokkoku


Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-MA)
  • Audio: English Japanese
  • Subtitles: English


Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | The First Moment

An old family secret is about to change Juri's life forever. And it all begins with a kidnapping.

E2 | The Second Moment

The secret to Stasis is so valuable that people would kill for it, but that world has its own laws and the Handlers enforce them.

E3 | The Third Moment

Despite Juri's powers activating just in time, she is still at risk. Meanwhile, the Genuine Love Society comes to a realization.

E4 | The Fourth Moment

The Yukawas cannot hide, even in Stasis. Enough is enough: Juri's done running.

E5 | The Fifth Moment

Shoko knows the danger lurking within Stasis. Sometimes innocents get pulled in by accident. And Stasis does not care if they don't know the rules.

E6 | The Sixth Moment

Shoko gives Juri her terms. If Juri deals with the Handlers, Shoko will tell them where Makoto is.

E7 | The Seventh Moment

Juri and the others forge a pragmatic alliance to deal with Sagawa and the Genuine Love Society.

E8 | The Eighth Moment

Sagawa is more powerful than ever before as he methodically experiments with the powers of Stasis.

E9 | The Ninth Moment

Desperate times call for desperate measures, but is it worth it if they all lose their chance to go home? They need an alternative plan.

E10 | The Tenth Moment

A powerful yet unexpected ally may be what Juri and the others need to turn the tide. But Sagawa won't give up that easily.

E11 | The Eleventh Moment

Is Sagawa defeated, or is this the calm before the storm? Regardless, Juri and her allies must decide what happens next.

E12 | The Twelfth Moment

It's time to go home, but only Juri can send people back. Once everyone is gone, what will happen to her?



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