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Killing Bites

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-MA)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Killing Bites

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | 1st Bite: The One With the Sharpest Fangs Wins

Yuya’s so-called friends just kidnapped a high school girl, but there’s more to her than meets the eye… including a bloodthirsty streak a mile wide!

E2 | 2nd Bite: Gosh, I Might Be in Love

Hitomi may be tough, but does she stand a chance against a porcupine hybrid with metal quills? Later, Hitomi and Yuya are made an offer they can’t refuse.

E3 | 3rd Bite: I'm Really Good for Nothing

With their identities in jeopardy, Hitomi and Eruza must turn to cosplay to save the day. The fun doesn’t last, however, because soon they must recruit an underwhelming ally…

E4 | 4th Bite: That's Why I Told You to Stop, You Piece of Crap!

Far from home, the Destroyal begins! Can Yuya hack it as an investor in this overwhelming game? Hitomi sure seems confident in him, but why?

E5 | 5th Bite: I Do 'em How I Like

In this lethal game, there is no room for sentimentality — but Hitomi has never been a fan of adhering to convention.

E6 | 6th Bite: Like I Care!

While Taiga snags a second chance by the skin of his teeth, Ui gets busy underground. Meanwhile, Hitomi deals with Den, but the Brute has some serious tricks up his sleeve.

E7 | 7th Bite: I Mean, I Can’t Fight These Urges

The purpose behind Ui’s actions underground is revealed as Hitomi and Eruza face off at last, but their skirmish takes an unexpected turn.

E8 | 8th Bite: Shoot... Shoot, Shoot Shoot Shoot!!

Behind the scenes, Shidoh puts his puppeteering skills to work. On the battleground, Taiga reveals his final goal as well as a startling truth about Leo.

E9 | 9th Bite: I Will Never Back Down on That!

Despite the constant threat of death and dismemberment she brought into his life, Yuya values Hitomi’s friendship (no matter what the other investors think about it).

E10 | 10th Bite: Come With Me

The circumstances surrounding Hitomi and Shidoh’s relationship come to light — and so does a shocking revelation about Hitomi’s honey badger genes!

E11 | 11th Bite: Don’t Hurt Mama

Hitomi and Kido’s faceoff comes to a thrilling conclusion, the Killing Bites Champion is declared, and a new threat emerges on the heels of victory.

E12 | Final Bite: Thanks for Everything

The dust settles, revealing a new landscape of hybrids and Killing Bites matches. But there is still one last job for Hitomi to complete…



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