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Kids on the Slope

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English

Kids on the Slope

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Moanin'

Kaoru Nishimi isn't too happy about having to move to Kyushu, but a chance encounter with a few locals changes his tune.

E2 | Summertime

Kaoru quickly learns that jazz is not as easy as he thought, but gets encouragement from Sentaro and new friend Junichi. Later, Kaoru asks Ritsuko an important question.

E3 | Someday My Prince Will Come

Kaoru decides to help Sentaro get with Yurika, while at the same time distancing him from Ritsuko. Their double date reveals far more history than Kaoru thought was there. 

E4 | But not for me

Jun gets a Christmas gig and asks Kaoru and Sentaro to join him. After an uncomfortable moment with Ritsuko, Kaoru's feelings toward Sentaro get the better of him.

E5 | Lullabys of Birdland

After getting an answer from Ritsuko, Kaoru stops going to the record shop. He later finds out where his mother is, and Sentaro invites himself along on his trip to see her.

E6 | You Don't Know What Love Is

Second year starts, and Sentaro finds out he won't be in the same class as his friends. He meets a budding musician named Seiji, and their friendship makes Kaoru jealous.

E7 | Now's the Time

Kaoru and Sentaro's friendship continues to sour. Ritsuko and Kaoru take part in the planning committee for the school festival, where Sentaro and Seiji's band will perform.

E8 | These Foolish Things

Kaoru and Sentaro learn more about Junichi's painful past. Yurika confronts Junichi about a moment they shared in the record shop, hoping to make him hers.

E9 | Love Me or Leave Me

Sentaro and Junichi attempt to fix their friendship before Junichi leaves for Tokyo. Yurika tries to convince Junichi to take her with him.

E10 | In a Sentimental Mood

Kaoru and Ritsuko's budding relationship is in peril when Kaoru questions Ristuko's feelings for him. Meanwhile, Sentaro is in danger of failing the school year.

E11 | Left Alone

Kaoru keeps Sentaro from running away for good. Things are looking up as the pair team up with Tsutomu and Ritsuko to perform at the school festival, but soon tragedy strikes

E12 | All Blues

Graduation day comes, and Kaoru, Ritsuko and Sentaro's paths diverge. A fateful meeting with a familiar face years later offers Kaoru a chance at reuniting with old friends.



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