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Is the Order a Rabbit? - BLOOM Season 3

Season 3

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-PG)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Is the Order a Rabbit? - BLOOM Season 3

Season 3 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Bunnisode 1: The Magician at the Cafe of Smiles

The Rabbit House staff decides to beat the heat by making summer uniforms! However, the perfect pink fabric for Cocoa proves elusive...

E2 | Bunnisode 2: The Case of the Childhood Friend's Stolen Heart

An unexpected trek through the spooky woods puts Syaro and Chiya's relationship to the test, but there's more to the situation than meets the eye...

E3 | Bunnisode 3: Everything in the World Serves as My Experience Points

Their futures are still undecided, so Chino, Megu and Maya attend a high school information fair! But this place seems pretty fancy... wait, where the heck did Megu go!?

E4 | Bunnisode 4: A Potential Everyday Life

The class cultural festival is underway, and it's sure to be an unforgettable experience when Cocoa and Chiya are in charge of the class cafe.

E5 | Bunnisode 5: She is a Fierce Whirlwind, She is a Carefree Breeze

A school marathon poses a daunting challenge for Chiya, but with a little of Rize's training, she'll race to the finish for the sake of Ama Usa An!

E6 | Bunnisode 6: A Fluffle of Rabbits is Also Most Welcome

Picture day is here, and new looks are in order — except for Megu, Chino and Maya, that is. They'll band together to keep it natural. Too bad there's a traitor in their midst...

E7 | Bunnisode 7: We Shall Dance with Ghosts Until Morning on this Halloween Night!

It's finally Halloween, and things are about to get sPoOoOoOoKy at all the local cafes. From candy to costumes, it's bound to be a scary-fun time for all!

E8 | Bunnisode 8: Stamp, Sleep, Study, Smile

After a fight with her father, Rize runs away from home. Can she learn to be a fantastic teacher and finally earn his approval? Cocoa and Chino are here to help!

E9 | Bunnisode 9: Chamomile with a Dash of Jealousy

When they were children, Syaro gave Chiya a precious gift that she treasures to this day... but wait. Where did it go!? Chiya can't find her memento anywhere!

E10 | Bunnisode 10: A Request for Backup From a Full Heart

Tis the season for a Secret Santa gift exchange! But the Christmas season is so busy, Chino will need all the help she can get to keep the Rabbit House afloat.

E11 | Bunnisode 11: The Cafe of Smiles and the Rainbow Magician

Reinforcements arrive at the Rabbit House to help Chino during the holiday rush! With everyone gathered together, it's sure to be a very Merry Christmas indeed.

E12 | Bunnisode 12: I Can Take That Step Forward Because I'm Watching You

Even while apart, Mocha and Cocoa continue to inspire one another. Meanwhile, Chino finds inspiration through all of her friends — but especially through Cocoa.



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