Key Art for IRODUKU: The World in Colors

IRODUKU: The World in Colors

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: English Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

IRODUKU: The World in Colors

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Where You Belong

Hitomi finds herself 60 years into the past and arrives in the middle of Yuito's room. Why did her grandmother send her back in time in the first place?

E2 | I Can't Stand Magic

Hitomi enrolls in Minamigaoka High School, but her classmates are on edge since she's a mage. Fortunately, she runs into a few familiar faces.

E3 | No Rain, No Rainbow

The Photography Arts club is recruiting new members and Hitomi's participation is encouraged. Will her inability to see colors be a hindrance or an asset?

E4 | Stop Calling Me 'Granny'!

Hitomi finally meets her grandmother's past self. But Kohaku quickly proves herself to be the polar opposite of her future granddaughter.

E5 | A Modest Recipe

Kohaku joins the now renamed Magic Photography Art Club. While Asagi struggles with unrequited love, Hitomi focuses on creating a present for Yuito.

E6 | Golden Fish

There's a link between Yuito and a golden fish. What is the nature of this connection?

E7 | The Burden of Venus

Summer break is starting soon, which means Hitomi and her friends must discuss what comes next.

E8 | Fragile Fragments

Kohaku thinks she knows why Hitomi cannot see colors, and she'll need Yuito's help to see if she's correct.

E9 | Wandering Words

Sho confesses his feelings for Hitomi, which leaves her reeling. She has an important decision to make, but where will this leave Asagi?

E10 | Monochromatic Crayon

While the Magic Photography Arts Club prepares for the culture festival, Hitomi and Asagi have a heart-to-heart.

E11 | The Waning Moon

The culture festival is nearly here, and everyone's busy. But just when the club finds its momentum, Hitomi suddenly vanishes...

E12 | On this Bright, Shining Day

Hitomi's time in the past is nearly at an end.

E13 | The World in Colors

Time waits for no one, and Hitomi must return to the future. What will this mean for the friendships she's made and her bond with Yuito?



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