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Immoral Guild

Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-MA)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Immoral Guild

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | I'll do my best! / Her first step into a new world

Hitamuki's skills impressed Kikuru. Then he realized her lack of self-preservation gets her into trouble in more ways than one. It's going to be a long training session...

E2 | A bolt from the blue / Hunter in peril

Before Kikuru knew it, he was in charge of four trainees. And as luck would have it, all of them have their own specific issues that need ironing out.

E3 | Let's all hang out / You're my first

With the four heroines incapable of teamwork, Kikuru suggests they take the day off to bond with each other. Which gives him time to ponder the unusual behavior of monsters.

E4 | Doctor Murder / White and black

Kikuru agrees to impersonate a doctor to help cover for a nurse's mistake. And by pure coincidence, his four trainees need to undergo physical exams.

E5 | The secret of berserk / A feast of flesh

Kikuru tries to help Hanabata understand she can't always rely on her berserker rage in a fight. Which, for all intents and purposes, is easier said than done.

E6 | Mayday / A new family

Whose bright idea was it to send the mages on a quest to gather flowers that inflict the mute debuff? It should be obvious what would happen next.

E7 | Impossible game / Mint ice

The team heads out to slay the fearsome swift spider! And, of course, things end up like they always do because why wouldn't it?

E8 | Burn it all / Thank you

Kikuru and Toxico will have their revenge against the swift spider, and nothing will stop them this time! Hopefully...

E9 | The golden eggs / Something soft

Kikuru and Hitamuki take a new recruit on a quest to hunt monsters.

E10 | Wavering feelings / A great father

Chaos is Kikuru's new normal, and he's had enough. When he decides to confide in Hanabata, the warrior misinterprets his intentions for something else entirely.

E11 | Passing the burden / New world

Maidena and Toxico belong to two different factions constantly at odds with each other. Now the conflict boils over. Again. For a really stupid reason.

E12 | I don't want to come home today / The little mystery solver

After getting their first paychecks, the four heroines wish to pay Kikuru back for all his help. It's a nice sentiment, but things obviously don't go as planned...



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